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Growing up in a small town in mid Saskatchewan wasn't easy. Fact is it was quite boring. Freezing cold winters and blistering

hot summers that brought out the meanest of Black flies. In a small town it's easy to get a nick name. Mine was "Mouse!"<BR><BR>

Not sure why the boys nick-named me "Mouse." I was a sort of a quiet girl and a little shy, but I was industrious and pretty

good in school and anyway, it didn't matter much. I had my own "secret" nick name for most of the boys myself. And if they

knew what it was, I could get in big trouble. Except for one particular boy.<BR><BR>

Steven Jensen was cute and like most of the boys, didn't pay much attention to me. I had a real crush on him but in my heart

I knew he probably wouldn't give me the time of day, much less go on a date with me. But I had a plan.<BR><BR>

The circus was coming to our area for three days that particular summer and I would work extra hard and save my money to get

two of the best seats I could at ring side. I would even have enough left over for two fat burgers and a couple of Cokes down

at Betty's Diner.<BR><BR>

There wasn't much jobs going around in our small town and making a few extra bucks wasn't easy for most of the fellas. You

had to leave for the big city if you wanted summer work and most of the boys did just that. But not Steven.<BR><BR>

My hobby was making jewelry from colorful stones that I would polish and string together by hand. Every summer we had a few

wayward tourists trickle through our town and I would park my little table in front of the only gas station with a sign that

read "Hand Made Bracelets & Necklaces For Sale." Sometimes I'd offer a free glass of ice-cold homemade lemonade on

particularly hot days just to get the tourists to stop and come to look at my jewelry. Gas station owner Lou didn't mind it

either because he said it helped out his business as well.<BR><BR>

I worked hard during the evenings, polishing and arranging my pretty stones. During the day I would rush out to Lou's and sit

and wait for customers. Traffic was usually sparse but little by little I was making a few dollars. The circus was coming

next week and I would soon have enough money for a front row seat! Now all I had to do was call and invite Steven to come

with me to the circus -all expenses paid including an after-show dinner for two at Betty's!<BR><BR>

Steven sounded surprised at my call and especially at my invitation. How could he refuse? He didn't. I was the happiest girl

in all of Saskatchewan!<BR><BR>

The day came and Steven agreed to pick me up in his dad's old truck. I was so excited I could hardly think straight. Imagine,

me and Steven on our way to the circus together. We took the back roads and arrived in plenty of time. Steven parked his

dad's truck and we went inside. I was so proud when I told Steven that the seats I reserved were right in the first row.

Right there at ringside!<BR><BR>

We sat side by side as the beautiful ladies in glittering costumes soared through the air on their flying trapezes and we

laughed hysterically at the clumsy antics of the clowns with their over-sized feet and big red noses. It seemed like only

minutes passed before the ring announcer was thanking everyone for coming and we began to slowly shuffle towards the exit

signs. I didn't want the night to end so quickly so I sprang into part two of my plan. Dinner for two at Betty's.<BR><BR>

Betty was known by all the locals for making the best, the biggest and juiciest hamburgers for miles around. Throw in a tall

glass of ice-cold Coke and it would be a perfect way to end a perfect evening.<BR><BR>

Steve drove me home and thanked me for inviting him. He kissed me on the forehead and drove off. I watched until I could no

longer see his red tail lights in the cloud and haze of the dusty back road. I never saw Steven again. Word had it that he

went back the following day and joined that damn traveling circus.<BR><BR>

As for me, I managed to recover. I dated a nice boy from a neighboring town. Bernard and I got married and we had six kids.

Bernard worked as a book keeper for one of the local hardware stores and I looked after the kids. In my spare time I polished

and strung my pretty stones like I always had. Memories of Steven and our date with the circus would come and go from time to

time, but I never harbored any regrets. I love my family and Bernard is my rock and confidant.<BR><BR>

We still live in the same old Saskatchewan town but things are quite a bit different now. Aside from my beautiful brood of

children and my loving husband we pieced together an online store to sell my hand-crafted jewelry. If you want to see what

success really looks like, just click on the link below.<BR><BR>

<a href=""></a>



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