By: Cinemaworks  09-12-2011
Keywords: Telepresence, Capital Expenditures

TelePresence rental equipment upgraded and replaced every 36 months

√ Global backend network with dedicated video, data and voice planes to ensure QoS

√ Multi-user gaming and IPTV backbone delivery to CinemaWorks customer locations

√ 24/7 multi-lingual help desk for end-users

√ Turnkey system installation worldwide via LifeSize Global Partner program

√ Partnership program for ‘public access’ CinemaWorks TelePresence in order to share capital expenditures and ongoing operational costs.

√ Consulting services to provide optimal Telepresence solution throughout an organization or affiliation of customers seeking to communicate (e.g., education and training)

-- Assistance in monetizing carbon footprint reductions

-- Directory of global TelePresence and high-definition videoconferencing sites in order to cost-effectively schedule and organize global and regional TelePresence meetings

-- Cost effective network management for TelePresence (e.g., cranking up bandwidth from 3Mbps to 15Mbps for a 24 hour period to conduct a multi-site high-definition TelePresence meeting)

People no longer have to fly to meetings. They can simply turn them on”…. Bill Massey


TIME: Travel, especially for global companies, is a huge productivity disruption. And many of the people taking the most and the longest trips are usually some of an organization's most important executives and employees. Key executives are often out of pocket simply because they are traveling. So by greatly reducing that travel time, these individuals can focus on their jobs rather than worrying about catching their next flight out of town.

MONEY: “TelePresence” is not an off-the-shelf desktop video system, but, rather, a significant investment in corporate infrastructure and in the way people work. Because of its ability to create a real sense of an in-person, face-to-face meeting, individuals and organizations can reap considerable benefits from reduced travel expenses, greater productivity, and better relationships among employees, customers and partners. CinemaWorks TelePresence delivers the value and experience of physically being in the same location for a meeting. Why travel to speak in-person if you can communicate just as effectively through telepresence? People no longer have to fly to meetings. They can simply turn them on. The result creates substantial savings in travel costs. As a corollary to these savings, pricing for most of the key telepresence technologies, such as the plasma screens and broadband connections, will almost certainly continue to drop rapidly, making TelePresence ubiquitous and possible in a far wider array of applications, as well as affordable for many more organizations, even for individuals from the home.ENVIRONMENT: Carbon-savings are now a key additional component of the perfect storm that is building for TelePresence. Money and the environment don't typically go hand-in-hand. But with telepresence, these two opposites can come together through efficiencies that benefit both the planet and the bottom line in ways more traditional video conferencing technologies can't. According to Nortel, a typical company can reduce its ‘travel’ carbon footprint by 30%.

Keywords: Capital Expenditures, Telepresence

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