Free trucks for non-profits & charities from Charity Trucks.

Free trucks for non-profits & charities from Charity Trucks. from Charity Trucks Ltd

By: Charity Trucks Ltd  10-04-2010
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Charity Trucks Inc represents a new business model within the advertising industry that simultaneously helps charities, businesses and the planet.


Many charities fund their programming for the most vulnerable members of our society by participating in the thrift store industry; they depend on aging, inefficient and costly fleets of trucks to collect and deliver donated goods. Advertisers need a cost-effective and creative way to reach hearts and minds. The planet needs a way of diverting millions of tons of unwanted items away from landfills every year. Charity Trucks meets all three of these needs.

We provide new, fuel efficient trucks equipped with exclusive scrolling mobile billboards to charities such as Big Brothers Big Sisters for free. We even pay for their maintenance.

By eliminating their transportation costs, non-profits have more money available to serve their community and fund their core purpose. For example, every free truck for a Big Brothers Big Sisters agency in a mid-sized community means they can support 35 more families each year. It’s advertising that changes people’s lives!

Even at this early stage of development, we are poised to save our non-profit partners over $6m per annum, which can be re-directed to help the most vulnerable.  And, we help them divert 280,000,000 pounds of unwanted items from landfills annually. Consider the impact of that diversion: money spent purchasing those re-used items stays in the local community improving the local economy; replacements for 280,000,000 pounds of consumer products do not have to be manufactured and transported at significant environmental cost; and the sale of these re-used products helps charities help even more people.

Imagine the positive impact on the planet and the community that Charity Trucks could have when operating at its full potential.

If you are a non-profit organization that uses trucks, please contact us to enquire about our program. There is absolutely NO COST to become a partner. Our goal is to save you money, not sell you something.

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Keywords: Charity