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By: Central-hobbies.com  09-12-2011

Blackstone has announced a production run of EBT Three Bay Hoppers. Orders closed. We will have store stock.

30s Era Lettering

There are two car numbers featuring the lettering that was prevalent during the 1930s. There is no herald, and they are simply decorated with block lettering identifying them as 'EAST BROAD TOP' cars. All road numbers are available both weathered and non-weathered.

P.N. Road No.MSRP US$
B340701 No. 814 $54.95
B340701W No. 814, Weathered $59.95
B340702 No. 1000 $54.95
B340702W No. 1000, Weathered $59.95

40s Era with East Broad Top Herald
There are four car numbers featuring the lettering that was prevalent during the 1940s and sport the familiar East Broad Top Herald.

P.N. Road No.MSRP US$
B340703 No. 951 $54.95
B340703W No. 951, Weathered $59.95
B340704 No. 906 $54.95
B340704W No. 906, Weathered $59.95
B340705 No. 977 $54.95
B340705W No. 977, Weathered $59.95
B340706 No. 1071 $54.95
B340706W No. 1071, Weathered $59.95

Painted, Unlettered Version

P.N. Road No.MSRP US$
B340700 Painted, Unlettered $54.95

Note: All prices are in US$. Reservations are being accepted. We will have models for store stock.

The information in this article was current at 06 Dec 2011

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