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By: Cedar West  09-12-2011
Keywords: Roofing, Wood, siding

Decking: Apart from how functional and naturally resistant to the elements it is, cedar is used in decking due to its unique visual effects – it is a beautiful wood. Cedar colors vary from light amber to a pinkish shade when it is first cut and a rich, reddish hue by the time it is ready to be used for decking. Cedar’s color may turn attractive silver grey when left unstained. Cedar wood displays unique patterns which make each installation a monument to the beauty of this natural and reliable building material. The look of cedar gives your deck a varied visual appearance which is widely admired.

Siding: Due to its aesthetic appeal, cedar is an unrivaled construction material, and has been widely used for siding for centuries. Many property owners opt for the warm cinnamon tones of new cedar shakes, shingles, bevel, and channel siding for their earthy tones. Cedar siding is also highly sought-after for its natural insulation properties. which keep interiors cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Roofing: Cedar is undoubtedly the most suitable natural outdoor building material. Because of its natural properties, it is the most appropriate choice of wood for shingles and shakes for roofing. Cedar shingles and shakes offer durability and variety in both color and cut. Cedar shakes and shingles can be used in locations which are known for all kinds of weather conditions.

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