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By: Catalyst  09-12-2011


When it comes to hiring, we provide the best practice in candidate sourcing. Our client list spans the entire non-profit arena: arts organizations, charities, colleges, universities, and more. Your team, stakeholders and board of directors will be strengthened with increased productivity, stability and energy.

Here's what we do differently:

Impact not efforts.
Unlike other recruitment agencies, we don't spread ourselves thin trying to be all things to all people. We specialize in nonprofits. We know the sector and the vast majority of people within our specialist discipline.

Outcome not activity.
We don't rely on formal pre-scripted references supplied by our candidates. To get the most complete picture of what someone is like, we seek out informal references from past co-workers, board members or grantors. We're not fooled by a long list of inputs without the outcomes to match. We make sure the pretenders get smoked-out before we ever present them to you.

Helping you build for good.
Two things you can count on from us: First, we meet all our candidates face-to face. We want to ensure that we represent them correctly and only offer you candidates who "fit." Second, we don't immediately rush out flashy resumes. We find out who is relevant and who is available for what you have to offer. We don't believe in wasting your valuable time.