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By: Carranza Media  09-12-2011
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Corporate Videos are quickly becoming the number one online marketing tool. They can be viewed by the largest number of potential clients for the lowest expense to your company. Why? It is because a 30-second pseudo-commercial can reach a targeted audience with a very direct and stimulating message 24/7. Your company philosophy, branding and products or services can be seen by millions and quickly evoke an emotional response that will turn into more business for your organization.

The Carranza Media creative team starts by understanding your business and its clients. The video we create will be aimed at primarily those clients.

Your video can also be quickly re-edited for internal corporate uses such as:

  • Human Resources information
  • CRM (Customer Relations Management)
  • CSR (Customer Service Representative)
  • Health & Safety etc..

Our internet videos look and feel spontaneous, fresh and original.

No ad-speak, contrived scripts or plastic poses. Through authenticity and a minimalist style, we highlight your genuine message and strengthen trust with your potential customers. Everything from the set, the motion, the music, the cutaways, to the editing is focused on revealing the heart and motivation behind you and/or your company.

EPK's are the entertainment industry's standard marketing tool. In the shape of formal or informal interviews the crew (Field Producer, Cameraman and Sound/Lighting person) creates a comfortable space and a relaxed atmosphere with just a couple chairs, a backdrop screen and three-point lighting. The rest is magic.

A VNR is the video equivalent of a press release, but much more useful. It presents your company's news in an attractive, informative format that affords local TV and other media free broadcast quality material. Remember, this media attention can be seen as free advertising for your company and TV stations like using VNR's because it makes their job easier. The trick to making a good VNR is to create a message that is interesting or as they say in the TV industry, "is news you can use". Quite frankly, it should be truthful and of value to the viewer.

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At Carranza Media we will help identify the message that will catch a producer's eye and increase the odds that your VNR gets aired. Typical VNR's promote a product launch, a medical discovery, a corporate merger, an innovative strategy, etc. The basic crew for filming a VNR is a Field Producer/Reporter, Cameraman and Sound/Lighting Technician.

We also help you to develop a working script

"A leisure or business traveler - in the process of planning a vacation or trip-is 26% more likely to book a destination, hotel, attraction or activity after viewing a travel video related to that travel-related item. The positive impression that the video makes on the prospect lasts several weeks after the actual video viewing experience." (Quote from TIA Travel Industry Association)

A travel video with embedded maps is the best way to explore a destination. The video can immediately bring to mind the "I'll be there soon" fuzzy feeling and emotion with an almost hypnotic effect on a potential client. The power of a travel video is indisputable and will enhance and enrich the research, planning, shopping and booking experience.

A tourism company's main marketing tool is their website. In order to keep today's visitors engaged and stay ahead of the competition, this website needs high quality videos and rich multimedia.

Carranza Media also has a database of professional videographers around the world so the expense of shooting overseas is greatly reduced.

Keywords: Video