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By: Canada Human Resources Centre  09-12-2011

What is DNA?

DNA consists of genetic instructions used in the development and functioning of all known living organisms. DNA is often compared to a set of blueprints or a recipe, or a code, since it contains the instructions needed to construct other components of cells.

With technological advancements of the 21st century many things that were just a theory or imagination of the visionaries are reality of today.

With its discovery DNA has made tremendous impact on genetic engineering, forensics, history and anthropology.

What we can do

Using innovative technology and science Top Performer DNA Lab can analyze “genetic code” of top performers already working in your organization, allowing you to create exact parameters for hiring new people and train existing employees to achieve their very best.

Not everyone will become an Olympic type athlete. We all know that. Even with the world class coach you not going to become world class snowboarder, and that is ok.

However there is something distinctive, something specific that we are all good at in our unique genius way. Our genetic makeup and experiences often dictates our decision making process and its outcome.

How do we do it

Top Performer DNA Lab will analyze and measure4 key elements  in order to develop very specific Top Performer DNA Formula for a particular position in a particular work environment.

1. Performance Indicators

2. Thinking and Reasoning

3. Behavioral Traits

4. Interests

Elements: Learning Ability, Verbal skill, Verbal reasoning, Numerical Ability, Numeric Reasoning, Energy Level, Assertiveness, Sociability, Manageability, Attitude, Decisiveness, Accommodating, Independence, Objective Judgment, Enterprising, Financial, People Service, Creative, Technical, Mechanical.

The Process

In order to develop accurate Top Performer DNA Formula, analysis is conducted taking information from 3 top performers and 3 bottom performers already working in your organization.

The results are then processed and analyzed.

Merging information received from consultation with employer and analysis results our team of specialists creates unique Top Performer DNA Formula.

Client is presented with results and discoveries. Training recommendations are made in regards to “bottom performers”. Top Performer DNA Lab will provide support (unless requested otherwise) during next hire cycle to ensure correct use of the Top Performer DNA Formula and answer any questions.

Would you like to have your own Top Performer DNA Lab? We can show you how.

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