Brian C. Jang, Chartered Accountant

By: Brian C. Jang  09-12-2011

Financial Statement reporting requirements can vary greatly depending on its intended purpose.  I routinely prepare and/or review annual financial statements for my clients for reporting purposes including reporting to:

  • Shareholders, managers or other key stakeholders for monitoring purposes
  • Banks and other lending institutions for financing purposes
  • Compliance agencies or appropriate authorities for regarding statutory requirements
  • Canada Revenue Agency or related provincial agency for annual filing requirements.

Financial reports that I typically provide are:

  • Auditor Reports
  • Review Engagement Reports
  • Notice to Reader Reports. 

The key difference in these reports is the implicit degree of assurance provided on the financial statements

My approach to accounting and audit services is based on the need to first understand your business, your operations, the prevailing market conditions of your industry sector and your competitive position in your industry. This better enables me to focus on the important and relevant issues that effect you and your business and allow me to provide both timely and relevant solutions for your problems.