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By: Boldfish  09-12-2011
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Boldfish Services

Boldfish is a video production company that incorporates creative expertise with cutting-edge technology to delivering flexible packages that fit your budget. We produce high quality video for four (4) main sectors of the industry CORPORATE, NON-PROFIT, BROADCAST and WEB. As a full-service production house we help you produce your videos from initial ASSESSMENT to PLANNING, PRODUCTION, EDITING and DELIVERY. We are experts in the HD, SD and Web Realms. In addition, we can also provide a wide array of supplementary services to provide you a complete turnkey solution for all of your production needs.

We take an active role in the planning and production of each project providing high quality video production solutions while remaining committed to keeping the process as simple as possible for our clients.

Here are the steps we take to ensure that your project delivers.

  1. Business Assessment
    • 1—on—1 Vision Meeting
    • Project Assessment
    • Market Research
  2. Pre—Production
    • Concept Development
    • Production Planning
    • Scheduling
    • Crew & Equipment Coordination
    • Professional Scripting
    • Location Scouting
    • Storyboarding
  3. Production
    • Producer
    • Director
    • Camera Operators
    • DVCAM/SD/HD Cameras
    • Location Sound Operator
    • Professional Lighting
    • Location
    • Professional actor
  4. Post—Production
    • Producer
    • Editor
    • Motion Graphics/Visual Effects
    • Color Correction
    • High quality custom produced music
    • Professional voice over
    • Logo treatment
  5. Delivery
    • 1 Full master DVD
    • 1 Half resolution Quicktime® file
    • DVD Menu Design
    • DVD Authoring
    • 1 Master DVD
    • Web versioning

Business Assessment

Free Consultation: determine the goals, purpose and vision for the video

Brainstorm: listen to our client›s ideas and provide experienced creative advice and cost estimates.

Determine Package: based on desired quality, budget and concept we then outline various package options.

Market Research: at your request we will conduct Market Research to ensure that nothing is over looked.


Once we’ve met with you one-on-one, done our assessment and any necessary market research we then: Develop the Concept > Write the Script > Plan the Production > Storyboard > Scout location(s) > Coordinate Crew & Equipment


Boldfish Video Production then takes care of the concept execution and is totally prepared for shooting the video. We strive to make the experience as relaxed and simple as possible for our clients.

We can provide:

  • Multiple cameras
  • Creative Lighting
  • Hair and Makeup
  • Location or Studio Sound
  • Dolly, Jib Arm, or Steadycam package available
  • Casting
  • Lighting and makeup
  • Sound equipment

Whether local, national or global, Boldfish Video Production is committed to providing the highest quality of service. We have experience shooting in Canada, Cambodia, The Dominican Republic, India, Philippines, Mozambique, Israel and throughout Europe.

Post Production

Editing: Using the latest non-linear editing technology, Boldfish Video Production ensures the sharpest picture quality possible

Our creative team is able to incorporate:

  • Stellar graphics
  • Professional voice-overs
  • Sound effects
  • Original music scores
  • Branded Jingles
  • Previously captured video clips
  • PowerPoint or Flash presentations and/or still shots/photos


Using the latest video compression technology, Boldfish Video Production ensures the sharpest picture quality possible. When it comes to distribution, Boldfish offers various distribution and versioning offers, including:

  • Optimized for Web or PowerPoint
  • CD-ROM and DVD Authoring (including menu design)
  • DVD & CD-ROM Duplication
  • Video Format Conversions (transcoding)

Packaging and presentation of the final product is just as important as the quality of the video that Boldfish Video Production produces. We offer:

  • Custom Disk Label Design
  • Custom Case Design
  • Multiple Packaging Options:
    • Poly Casing
    • DVD Casing
    • Jewel Case
    • Shrink Wrapping, etc.
    • Video Transfers

Keywords: Dvd, Production House, Video Production

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