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By: Boldfish  09-12-2011
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Imagine National Marketing Campaign

Add web video to your website and see the benefits…

Show off of your products and services. Are your products and services presented in the best possible way? Do your visitors understand the products and services you offer? How many of these potential clients can you afford to lose? Video is a powerful medium. With it you can better illustrate your product and service benefits. Using video can bring you closer to your customers.

Video Streaming Can Help Make Your Site Sticky and Turn Every Visit into A Potential Sale.

People visiting your site need something to grab their attention. They're looking for a visual experience and they're just like you when you surf the web. You usually stop and pay closer attention when something catches your eye, right?

Most people will skim through your written material, just as you've probably skimmed through most of the material on this page, but they will watch your video presentations. It's called making your website sticky. Because of their increased interest level, they spend more time on your site learning about your services and as a result, your closing ratio on sales is much higher.

Using the Most Powerful Tools

When you place your business on the net, you're given a set of tools to work with to tell your story - text, graphics, audio & video. Why not use them?

Online Video Statistics

  • People watch 100 million videos per day online
  • Web users are now downloading 8 Billion videos per month!
  • Over 70% of the US population now has high-speed Internet
  • There are over 108 million online video users today
  • By 2010, that figure will climb to 157 million users
  • Web Video Predicted To Drive 60% of Internet Traffic In 4 Years
  • Cisco Systems just published a new white paper analysis and in it they predict that web traffic will quintuple by 2013 driven largely by video.

Right now, web video makes up about one-third of Internet traffic. But within four years, that number is expected to swell to 60%.

And once you factor in all the ways that video is consumed: on the television, video on demand, peer-to-peer and the Internet, it’s predicted that video will account for 91% of all Internet traffic.

Keywords: Video

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No matter what you are responsible for within your organization — Boldfish Can Help. Your company needs an efficient and cost-effective way of communicating its vision. Corporate video is one of the most powerful tools in your marketing arsenal. Strengthen corporate brand and product messaging.


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Our talented team prides themselves on their creativity and professionalism to achieve results that stay true to your vision. Boldfish Video Production has been producing media for television since 2002. We pride ourselves on creating broadcast quality video at affordable prices.


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We take an active role in the planning and production of each project providing high quality video production solutions while remaining committed to keeping the process as simple as possible for our clients. Boldfish is a video production company that incorporates creative expertise with cutting-edge technology to delivering flexible packages that fit your budget.


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In the context of internet marketing, video can be used to enhance the consumer experience by educating the viewer about products or services, putting a face on a company, and building a company brand. Greg Meeres, founder of Boldfish Digital Media, has a passion to accurately document social justice issue throughout the world and to mobilize people to action.