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By: Binary Environments Ltd.  31-05-2010
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Signing up for an xodigitalcourier.com account is easy. Just click on the sign up link, fill out the form, and submit. An email confirmation will be sent to the address you provide containing a link to visit. Once visited you are confirmed and ready to log in. Your traffic allowance is 5KB to start, so you can check it out with some small files at no risk.

To purchase traffic, simply click on the 'buy traffic' link on the main page. Traffic may be purchased in increments of one gigabyte which you can charge to your Visa or Mastercard.

xodigitalcourier.com provides simple but powerful management of subusers. Any subusers you create will have their own username and password, and will be restricted to their own subdirectory. Simply click on 'new user' from the main page and provide a username and password (twice, once for confirmation).

The main account user may suspend or delete subusers, as well as change their passwords. Suspending a subuser denies them access to the account, whereas deleting them removes them altogether. Just to be safe their directory and files remain even if you delete them. We would encourage you to periodically clear out the 'dead wood' that piles up over time.

From the main page, click on the subuser's name to see a list of their file transfers.

Getting and/or viewing files is easy with any modern web browser, such as Firefox or Internet Explorer. Simply go to and when prompted log in with username and password. If you log in as a subuser, you will only be able to see the files in that subusers directory. The primary account user (login with the email address you provided when you created the account) can view all files in all directories for the account, including those of subusers.

Keywords: management software

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