Easy to manage IT solutions for very busy small business owners who want things to work

By: Backbone Systems  09-12-2011

You are a small business owner. You're busy. Let us handle the technology necessities that help make your business a success.

Your main focus as a small business owner is operating and growing your company, making it a success for you both financially and personally. Your time is better spent focused on that than worrying about which software will work best with your infrastructure, or how to back data up safely and securely. Small business owners need things to work quickly and easily.

Common Challenges for Small Business Owners:

1.Backing up business data is essential, but what's the best method do so and protect your information?

2. Dealing with multiple service companies to troubleshoot and try to solve IT problems takes precious time away from your business or personal life.

3. IT is confusing, often like speaking another language. You want someone to speak to you in terms you understand, explain the benefits of each product and solution, to help you decid what is necessary for your business, and to never bothering you with more information than you need or want in order to run your technology with speed and ease.

4. You needto share files with co-workers, but don't want multiple versions of one document floating around because it's difficult to lose track of the most current and updated version.

5. You often work outside your office/home office, and would like to be able to access all your files at any time, from any location. 

6. You find yourself without functioning capability during downtime, and need a backup system in place so this doesn't happen.

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