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By: B C Security & Safety  09-12-2011
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Security Matters.

While most of us agree our security is important, let's face it, few of us really take the time or expense to adeqately protect ourselves or our families -until it's too late.  The truth is, most people will spend more money on their coffee than they will on their security. 

But for a few dollars a day, less than the average person spends on their daily coffee, we can help you plan how to better safeguard yourself and your loved ones.

What could be more important than the security of your home or family? Think about it over your next cup of coffee. Then call us.




Helpful (free!) hints on improving your home security:

Invest in your security like you would invest in your future - because you are.

As we mentioned above, most people spend more money on their coffee than they will on their home security. Investing in a security program that includes quality locks on your doors, up-to-date alarm systems (burglary, fire), monitoring systems (cameras) and security patrols if necessary, greatly improves your safety. Most people would be surprised to learn how many services and devices are available to the general public and how inexpensive they can be. 

1. Teach your children.

Come up with a family plan for what to do in case of emergencies that will help keep your kids safe. This plan should include the following:

  • Always keeping the doors locked
  • Never allowing strangers inside
  • What to do when the smoke detector / fire alarm sounds
  • Where to go in case of emergency
  • Numbers to call
  • Entrances/exits in the house to use.

Remember to periodically review these things with your children so they know what to do should the need arise. Make sure to teach them early on important emergency contact numbers, including 911, neighbors, family members, etc. Let them know when it is appropriate to use these numbers. 

2. Purchase only dependable, well made locks.

It's not our intention to unduly alarm people, but we think it's important to understand the difference between good locks and easily-broken-into locks. The video demonstrates a very basic lock picking technique known as "lock bumping".


3. Think like a burglar

Have you ever locked yourself out of your own home? It’s amazing the ingenuity and different ways we can think of to try to get in. That’s what burglars do. Think of all the ways you would try to get into your own home if you locked yourself out, then use that information to better secure those vulnerable areas. If you can break into your own home - so can a burglar!




4. Have your alarm monitored

Believe it or not, many people have alarms - but they are not monitored. Have your alarms monitored by a reputable, dependable alarm monitoring company – one that’s locally based – not one that has their offices and dispatchers situated on the other side of the country.

5. Place your alarms where they will be heard

Be sure to place one sire INSIDE the home and another siren OUTSIDE the home or building. A sounding alarm is of little value if nobody can hear it.

6. Let the professionals respond to your alarms

Have a professional security company respond to the alarm. Don’t send family members, employees or neighbors to check the house if an alarm is sounding. The possibility of a encountering a burglar or thief is too dangerous and not worth the risk or liability.




7. Test your system

You should occasionally test your alarm and the response time of the alarm monitoring company. Don’t assume everything is in good working condition – check it.

8. Signs and stickers

Let the bad guys know your home or business is alarmed and monitored BEFORE they attempt to break in. Most security companies will give you free door and window stickers. (we do!)

9. Lighting

A few well placed (motion activated) lights in outside vulnerable places can be just enough deterrence to keep the bad guys away. In addition, interior lights on timers are great ideas. They can be programmed to turn lights and a radio on and off when you want. So little money for a such effective protection.

 NOTE: Are you one of those people who leave the lights on all the time in the hopes of fooling burglars into believing there’s someone home? Big mistake! By doing so, you are clearly saying just the opposite.

10. Obscured windows.

Plants or trees in front of windows can provide good cover for burglars as they attempt to break-in. Cut back your shrubs or trees that obscure your windows so anyone can see a burglar attempting a break-in. 

11. Pets

A barking dog (sorry, cats don't work here) is one of the best deterrents to a burglar. If you don't have a dog, place some "BEWARE OF DOG" signs on your fences or gates.

12. Neighbours

Form a pact with a trustworthy neighbour to keep an eye on each other’s property. Let your neighbours know when you’re out of town to collect your newspapers and mail. Exchange phone numbers in case of emergencies or should you need to check your house while you are away.

13. Keep your yard clean!

Your neighbour will love you for it and it wont attract thieves or burglars. Unlocked bicycles, tools, toys or other items in your yard can be an invitation for thieves and burglars to come onto your property.  

14. Remember: "Safety First"

Your safety, and that of your family, friends and employees is absolutely the most important thing. Security is precious, everything else can be replaced.


Keywords: alarm, Alarm Monitoring, Security

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