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By: Awesense  09-12-2011
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Data Analysis Services

Awesense Wireless can help utilities develop custom data analysis routines and create custom reports with use of data from billing systems, SCADA, Meter Data Management Systems, and Awesense senseNET to correlate and build highly in-depth analytical reports.

Field Deployment Services

We offer field deployment services to help your teams get up and running with the Awesense system as quickly as possible with the greatest impact and return. Whether you are building a unique team to perform grid wide energy audits, or rolling the Awesense system in to an existing maintenance schedule, we can help you optimize the plan and minimize the cost it takes to implement the planned deployments.

Site Survey

Based on industry best practices, and years of experience, we can help you determine and identify the best locations to place a deployment through a site survey. This is done by having an Awesense Field Engineer visit the site to plan and map a site for future deployments. This will help you minimize the amount of sensors you need to place in an area and obtain the most amount of critical data without the need to deploy more sensors than needed.


Awesense Wireless provides a wide array of training for its product suite and includes:

  • Full Suite Training
  • Sensor deployment
  • Software suite
  • Data Analysis and Load Profiling
  • Energy Reconciliation and Audits
  • Revenue Protection

Keywords: Software Suite

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Products :: Awesense Wireless Inc

Our drive-by unit simply wakes the Raptor Sensors up from a deep sleep and automatically connects wirelessly to synchronize the network and begin wireless download of data without removing the sensors. For Field Crews that are using the Awesense system on a rolling basis for Operation & Maintenance, we provide a Drive-by data collection and communication tool for ease and flexibility.