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By: Awesense  09-12-2011
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Raptor Sensor

The Awesense Raptor sensor was built from the ground up with a new way of thinking in sensors for the electrical distribution grid. With strong design influences from Power Line Technicians, Awesense built the Raptor Sensor to be easy to deploy from the ground or a bucket truck with ease. Very little training is required to use the Awesense sensor system, and your field crews can begin immediately. Sensors communicate wirelessly with each other, forming the network. Each node can be clamped onto the electrical utility conductor to measure power without the need for a service disruption. The smart sensors communicate with our backend analytics software suite senseNET.

Drive-by Nighthawk

For Field Crews that are using the Awesense system on a rolling basis for Operation & Maintenance, we provide a Drive-by data collection and communication tool for ease and flexibility. Our drive-by unit simply wakes the Raptor Sensors up from a deep sleep and automatically connects wirelessly to synchronize the network and begin wireless download of data without removing the sensors.

Nighthawk Gateway

The Awesense Nighthawk Gateway acts as a bridge between the Raptor sensors in the field and senseNET software suite. Communicating simultaneously between the deployed Raptor Sensors in the field and the senseNET software suite allows you to view load profile data on your grid in real-time. This gives your engineers and managers the quickest access to data.


The Awesense way of building software revolves around simplicity. We listen to our customers to build software that works the way you do, without the need of a taxing and draining learning curve. This is provided through a flexible and scalable web portal allowing your team to work together. The senseNET suite helps your team:

• Visualize profile and load data
• View sensors with GIS information
• Quickly identify critical areas of concern or loss
• Plan and mitigate losses now and in the future
• Quickly generate reports
• Use the analytics engine to prioritize events and receive alerts of abnormal consumption patterns

Keywords: Software Suite

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Awesense Wireless can help utilities develop custom data analysis routines and create custom reports with use of data from billing systems, SCADA, Meter Data Management Systems, and Awesense senseNET to correlate and build highly in-depth analytical reports. This will help you minimize the amount of sensors you need to place in an area and obtain the most amount of critical data without the need to deploy more sensors than needed.