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By: Aureus  09-12-2011
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Few underwriters in Canada can offer the range of solutions provided by Aureus.

At Aureus, we feel it is important to begin by listening to your needs and then to apply our expertise and experience to develop bespoke financing and servicing solutions that will exceed your expectations.

We provide solutions for transaction sizes from $5,000 to $500,000 at attractive financing arrangements and competitive terms and conditions.

Some of our solutions include but are not limited to the following:

Municipal Grade Credit Lease Financing
For institutional or minimum AA + Commercially rated companies in ticket sizes
from $10,000 - $25million

Prime Commercial Leasing:
Entities looking for conventional lease financing for a nearly inifinite array of assets.
Unlike most of our competitors, we have solutions for clients wishing to finance assets which may pose a high liability or environmental risk. Customer profile will be established commercial entities with financial history supporting requests in the $5,000 - $500,000 range on terms ranging from 1 – 6 years.

Non-Conventional Leasing:
Customers who have past credit challenges or wish to lease a non-conventional asset can be accommodated. Typically, these requests are accompanied by a personal or cross-corporate guarantee.

Sub-Prime Leasing
Customers looking for lease financing where they have troubled credit, or are in a high risk industry, such as restaurants, will find solutions at Aureus. We work cooperatively with clients to structure solutions that are suitable for both parties.

Sale Leaseback
We provide solutions for businesses looking to improve their liquidity and balance sheet
by acquiring their assets and then leasing back to them. This provides the business with a
cash injection.

Please contact us to discuss additional solutions. At Aureus, we live outside the box.

Other financial solutions are available from Waterpoint financial group member companies including:

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Keywords: financing