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By: Astravera It Solutions  09-12-2011

Let us get your digital images ready for the web or other multimedia project, using format conversion, cropping, resizing, rotating, sharpening, colour adjustment, perspective changes, removing blemishes and a wide variety of visual effects.

Cut outs

A digital cut out is very similar to the hobby of cutting shapes out of magazines to make a collage, only with the computerised version it is a much more complex process. We are experienced in a wide variety of techniques used for cutting away the unwanted backgrounds of images, including selection by colour, selection feathering, cloning image areas, alpha transparency, colour matching and edge detection among others.

Below is a sample of a cut out using a stock photograph of a tiger sleeping on a rock in the wild and a photograph taken by us of a house in Vancouver.

  1. The tiger has been carefully integrated into the final scene on the porch, being placed behind the metal bars of the fence and other objects that the tiger would be behind if it really was sitting on the porch. The colouring of the tiger was also adjusted so that it fit in better with the rest of the porch scene.

Text overlay

Laying text over an image can be done in many ways to achieve a wide variety of appearances.

In this example, the font was given a stone textured 3D look, with colours chosen from the tiger.

Edge fade out

Fading out the edges of an image is an effective way to blend it into the background of your document.

Choosing to fade out one or more of the edges, how far to fade out, or using other shapes such as elipses can create varying effects.

Oil painting on rough canvas

In this example the tiger on a porch photograph has had two effects applied to it. First, it was made to look like it was painted from oil, and second it had a texture applied to its surface to give it the appearance of a rough canvas.

Animated GIFs

Animated GIFs are a simple way to display small animations which can be viewed in any web browser without needing to install any additional plugins.

Embossing and bump mapping

Bump mapping (also known as height mapping) is a technique to make parts of an image appear to be at different heights, which can be used to create many different effects.

In this example, a bump map of some words of text have been applied to a photograph of a wall, making it appear to be part of the wall itself. Another use of bump mapping is to apply a 3D texture (such as canvas, rock or burlap) to an otherwise flat image.

Embossing is one particular type of bump mapping, which is commonly used in computer software to give the appearance of being carved out of stone.

Perimiter glow

Making the border of your text glow helps it to stand out when you want it to be the main focus of the picture.

In this example the cut-out of the tiger is made to brightly glow.

Other effects

We can remove dark spots, stains, rips and other imperfections from your priceless aged photographs.

Move your mouse over the image to view a before and after comparison.

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