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By: Applied Broadband  09-12-2011
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Find certainty with Broadband Intelligence™

Bandwidth is the lifeblood of broadband. When used effectively, it delivers a wealth of rich content and innovative services to consumers over the Internet. When left unmanaged, the service provider and consumer both suffer — limiting prospects for new product offerings, new market opportunities, and the overall subscriber experience.

The bridge connecting bandwidth, consumer, and service provider is Broadband Intelligence, brought to you exclusively by Applied Broadband.

As bandwidth-hungry applications and richer media content demand more and more Internet real estate, you can rely on Broadband Intelligence to help determine the most efficient resource mix. Broadband Intelligence empowers service providers to handle increasing demands for resources at a time when revenues remain flat.

Built upon the capabilities of IP Detail Records (IPDRs) and business intelligence, Broadband Intelligence provides a clear, new picture of subscriber usage, network capacity resources, and service behavior in DOCSIS networks. Streams of events are extracted from broadband networks for immediate analysis of consumption patterns and network state. The information supplied enables service providers to make informed decisions based on up-to-the-second, actionable data that impacts their businesses and each subscriber's experience.

Collected and synthesized, key performance metrics based on reliable information stream directly to decision-makers within the organization. With Broadband Intelligence, service providers gain a wealth of usable and reliable information — on hand to make network and business growth decisions clear.

Keywords: Broadband, service providers

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