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By: Antenna Management  09-12-2011
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Antenna assets can be worth millions

Good information is critical for negotiations.

Who are you negotiating with?

Is your renewal years away?

Are you being paid everything that’s installed. Do you know what’s installed?

Are you stuck because current cell antenna rates are unavailable?

Have you been told that is the best rate available in the area?

Are they in a hurry to get you signed?

Are your rate increase stuck with CPI or arbitration?

Demand is doubling every 4-5 years. Is your lease indexed to growth?

Lease Review

We determine if the physical site and the lease terms match.  We then recommend any immediate options for action. 

Lease Renegotiation 

When leases renew, we determine what the needs of the carrier and landlord are to get the best deal for both.

  •  Does the landlord or cell provider wish to renegotiate the lease before the end of the term date?
  • Should the landlord renegotiate? Should the carrier? What options does the landlord have?
  • What are the current needs of the carrier?
  • What are the local network needs?
  • What growth does the carrier wish to obtain over the new term of the lease?
  • Do the lease payments grow with the cell sites capacity or over time?

Site Enhancement  

Determines if the site can the site be enhanced to provide more antennas and generate more revenue.

Co-Location Analysis

Determine if carriers are correctly co-located on the site as specified in the lease and complement each other.

  • Which other carriers are on, or are planning to share your site?
  • Who controls the co-location lease?
  • What revenue types do you receive from each co-locator?
  • What controls do you have?  What control does the tenant have? What is your combined liability?
  • What indemnifications are in place?  Are they adequate?
  • Are the added transmissions within safe limits?
  • How are the equipment cabinets situated?  If power fails, what is your liability?

Lease renewals on expiring contracts

Considerable opportunities exist on lease renewals. Understand the carrier’s current needs and adjust to your own plans. 

Keywords: Antenna, Cell Antenna

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