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By: Ann Mortifee  09-12-2011

Into The Heart Of The Sangoma was Ann’s first album after a hiatus of over 10 years.

A personal journey back to her South African homeland, guided by the wisdom and visions of the Sangoma, the shaman of the Zulu nation.

A powerful journey, riveting in its scope and Ann Mortifee’s four-octave vocal power.

Featuring studio, live, and field recordings from an actual Zulu blood ceremony.

An incredible journey of empowerment.

“Ann Mortifee has created a masterpiece in this recording. Her years of travel, spiritual searching, performing, writing and a deep desire to touch bases with her roots in Africa, all come to fruition in Into the Heart of the Sangoma. I was deeply moved. You will be too.” Paul Horn, Renowned Musician

Into the Heart of the Sangoma is filled with passion, with healing tones and rhythms, and with African soul. Ann’s voice is, of course, one of the most remarkable instruments around, and she rises to new heights in this magnificent creation.” Robert Gass, Author: Chanting: Discovering Spirit in Sound; Producer, best-selling CD Om Namaha Shivaya, composer, performer, and recording artist

“Ann Mortifee’s voice startles us, and we wake up to our own soul.” Marion Woodman,
Jungian analyst, author, workshop leader

Credo Mutwa, Zulu Sangoma

“Ann Mortifee has justifiably become world famous for possessing one of the most beautiful female voices ever to grace this earth, and for her almost supernatural ability to evoke deep feelings in those who have the privilege of hearing her sing. Yet in the late 1980s she gave up her highly successful career as a recording artist to undertake a more inward and spiritual journey. Now, fortunately for the rest of us, she has returned and she comes bearing a great gift.

Her CD, Into The Heart Of The Sangoma, is a magnificent listening experience, but it is something more than that, too. It is a transmission of spiritual energy, and a direct experience of the ageless power at the center of all true shamanic paths. If one of the purposes of music is to liberate the listener beyond the filters through which we normally experience life, Ann Mortifee’s CD is more than successful. Listening to it, as I have done repeatedly since I first got a copy, I have felt expanded and awakened in the depths of my soul. If you want to experience the finest work of a truly great composer and vocal artist at the height of her powers, don’t waste a second before getting Into The Heart Of the Sangoma.”
John Robbins, Author: Healthy at 100, Diet for a New America, The Food Revolution, and
Co-Author with Ann Mortifee, The Awakened Heart

“If you enjoy journeying into altered states, read the meaning of Nomkumbulwana on the jacket, turn on the CD, close your eyes, and follow…. The breathtakingly beautiful and haunting music and mind-bending lyrics will guide you on a shamanic journey into the heart of the Sangoma. And your sound system will be stretched to its most wonderful limits.” David Feinstein, Ph.D. Author, The Mythic Path and Rituals for Living and Dying

“Among the South African Zulus, a sangoma is a revered healer and spiritual leader. Ann Mortifee has spent time with an especially revered sangoma and has crafted her impressions into a collection of songs and rhythms that convey some of the power, insight, and mystery that she brought from these encounters. Those fortunate people who listen to this CD have the opportunity to participate, even at a distance, in the legacy of healing and wisdom that the Zulus have preserved over the millennia. I have spent time with members of the Zulu tribe myself, and know that they would rejoice in the manner in which Mortifee has conveyed her impression of their traditional knowledge and practices to a broader audience through her musical gifts.”
Stanley Krippner, PhD Professor of Psychology, Saybrook Graduate School
Co-editor, The Psychological Impact of War Trauma on Civilians

Listening to Ann’s CD, “Into The Heart Of the Sangoma”, will change you, inspire you, release you. That’s what shamans do.”
Holly Burke, Flutist

“You go to such an ancestral place, so vulnerable. I appreciate the music and the daring to put yourself into that cultural place and to speak for those spirits that guide you. I so appreciate your years of voice work and spirit work that finally merges in this CD.”
Rhiannon, Performer, teacher, recording artist, sound healer

“The moment I heard the first sound, I was enraptured.”
Christie Eng, Gettin’ Higher Choir member

“Performing with you for the CD release concert was the most amazing experience of my 5 years of singing with the GHC, and I think I speak for all of the 250 plus members of the choir who participate in that concert. People really had life-shifting experiences as a result of your lyrics and the power of the music.”

Gloria Hansen, Director’s Assistant, Gettin’ Higher Choir, Victoria, B.C

“I had to contact you and tell you how incredible your new CD is. This is not just liking it a lot, your music is the most important link to my artwork. It is teaching me about my work; what I do and why I do it. And, most important, I HAVE TO DO IT!!!! Thank you so much Ann.” Meinsje Vlaming, Artist

“Oh, my goddess! What wonderful music this is, and what power. I was really so touched by it. What a beauty. Thank you so much for your wonderful work.” Magda Wimmer, Healer, writer, artist

“You are very courageous and bold, for Sangoma represents a journey of transformation and the evolution of consciousness. Our modern world is hungry for meaning, and the children have lost their way. We must speak out. Now begins the time when we pass on what we know. Your musical expression is moving and joyful, and the messages so well articulated. Ann, thank you for this work.” Julian Ayers

“You have done it again!! Taken me to the very depths of my heart and spirit, but also to Africa! I absolutely love the CD.” Anne Reinhardt, Eatonia Saskatchewan

“I am a Twasa from SA and I often feel very far from home and the way of the Sangomas that I know there. So for me you were really talking to me and it really was that you were calling the spirits. Thank you!” Gerard

“My first visual image of your amazing work of art was of a many layered gossamer and strong spider web bejeweled with dew drops, illumined by the first rays of the blushing dawn. We are moved by the many layers of rich textures, sounds, messages, images and meanings. We feel like we are in the centre of your steaming African village, surrounded by the jungle sounds, and in the warm dark smoky hut, with you and the loving, wise mysterious Beings. The smells are evocative. Your deep love for the people and Homeland of Mother Africa is evident and underlays it all. Besides the personal openings that your new creation will bring forth, I am certain that you have created a rush of love for your dear people, wild creatures and this mysterious land that will bring a new wave of support to them.”
Jenica K.Waymen, Victoria, BC

“There aren’t words to describe the effect your CD had on me. It is absolutely beautiful, and so powerful. I sit here with tears still streaming down my cheeks, awed at the feelings I have experienced in the listening. Thank you, Ann, for your part in my spiritual journey. Your inner beauty shines through.”
Jean Bogner

“Ann – my friend. When I listen to you I want to either kneel down and worship you, or, stand up with my arms outstretched and shout at the top of my lungs, Halleluiah! Into the Heart of Sangoma is a manifestation of the power of your voice, your presence and your love of all things about you and the Spirit of Africa”
Ian Henley

“Always your music has spoken so clearly to me, nudging me, understanding my fears, bringing me joy, and moving me to tears. The power of your message has never failed to resonate with me and to parallel my journeys. Literally, you have guided me through some very difficult waters…deaths, births, illness, lost loves, found loves, teaching me to be compassionate with others, and helping me to recover my faith in the Divine One. So last night, as I listened again to your new work, I was awash with memories, flooded with gratitude that the Great Spirit led me to you all those years ago. Thank you Annie. I love you so very much.”
Donna Vance

“The message is pure and poignant and needed. Thank you for including us in the magic and power of it all.”
Joanne Marks, Gettin’ Higher Choir member

“Ann – this work of yours is … well, frankly, beyond description. Suffice it to say, the power of its content (Baba Mutwa’s eternal truth and teachings), your celestial melodies, heartfelt words, and breathtaking performances take the listener on a profound, soul-searching journey. I am SO affected by its beauty that, even now, my eyes fill with tears.”
Marek Norman

“I think your music ought to be declared a national treasure and be required listening to all of us looking, searching for our dear hearts.”
Valerie Deakin

“Your Sangoma spirit comes through and sends full body shivers through and through me…”
Marina Papais, Glass artist

“In following your journey I was led into parts of my heart and soul that I did not know existed, and then they did exist and there was no escaping the journey I myself was on.” M.S.

“On a regular basis I guide clients in an inner journey which includes the use of recorded music. Your new CD has become a favourite. Without exception, listeners are opened deeply by your sound and message. Their first words after the journey are “where can I get one of those CDs?” Beautiful and powerful, Ann!” N.S.

“Congratulations. Very, very beautiful. Your voice portrays your soul and carries the listener to deep places.” M.E.C.

“When I hear these songs I feel like taking my clothes off and laying down on the warm dirt. It has been so many years since I have lived in Africa that my soul still enlivens just thinking about it… Your music opens my dark soul which longs for the colors, the smells, the heat, the danger and the deep dark black people.” P.H.

“Thanks for the wonderful CD of Ann Mortifee’s. Cool music, and I like the story and liner notes even more! The Mystery has touched her deeply and she’s returned with a great blessing. Awesome!” D.H.

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Next week, the Canadian arts and culture icon, together with her husband Paul Horn, a jazz legend, comes to Calgary, where Mortifee will share some of her experiences and insights on the spiritual life and what she has learned over the years. Mortifee says she’s been a singer all her life and many years ago she began teaching workshops on how to be more creative, opening yourself up and getting in touch with your own creativity.


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Next week, the Canadian arts and culture icon, together with her husband Paul Horn, a jazz legend, comes to Calgary, where Mortifee will share some of her experiences and insights on the spiritual life and what she has learned over the years. You will love this day and come away with: tools to integrate mind, body, emotion and spirit; the ability to use your physical body as an ally in staying grounded in the present moment.


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Then the music started and the full measure of the inner consciousness which is infinitely malleable was transformed into the power of the emotions generated by Paul and Ann. During the entire duration of the concert, I was just being transported to higher and higher, subtler and subtler levels of Being. I couldn’t help but close my eyes and allow her voice to transport me to a totally different realm of existence.