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By: Andlor  09-12-2011

E-Track is a WEB Based Tracking system for 3PL Warehouse Orders, Receipts, Inventory Balances, Activities, Shipment Tracking and Scheduled Reports. E-Track provides On-Line Order Entry and is Task Oriented with Intuitive Screens requiring a Minimum of Data Entry.

E-Track uses the Internet to provide a low-cost, continuously available method of accessing data from the third-party logistics provider - "A business solution to a business requirement - what your client needs to know at any time."

Warehouse Receipts, Orders, Shipments, Stock Status data is provided showing:

  • Stock Balances
  • Item, Lot, Serial Number, Pallet ID and Weight activity
  • User selected search criteria

User selects the search criteria for each inquiry! Information is presented in WEB format or is automatically downloaded into EXCEL.

  • WEB Based Entry of Warehouse Orders:
  • Client enters orders from the Inventory Balances                                              
  • Select Items and Quantities for the Order
  • Enters Shipping Information
  • Completes Order

E-Track generates an Order Confirmation and transfers the data to the Andlor system. E-mails are sent to the CSR's and the order originators as an audit trail.

E-Track - Dynamic Information is available to clients in a manner to best meet their needs. CSR's can provide enhanced support functions. Operational service level is 7 X 24 with unlimited user access. Minimal communication costs are incurred

Features Multiple levels of security to protect data. Ability to support permission-based access, allowing strategic customers exclusive access to information.
Browser-based software framework for deploying, administering and configuring an e-business portal.
Powerful search capability to find Orders, Receipts, Inventory Items and other business critical information. Orders can be selected by status such as: Open, On-Hold, Deferred, Labeled, Picked, Shipped and Canceled.
Ability to provide dynamic information directly, in multiple formats. Analysis reports are generated by Type, Client, Carrier by selected date ranges.
Reports may be scheduled Daily, Weekly or Monthly by Day, Date and Time of Day for automatic transmission based on the Report Name and E-mail destination.
An executive dashboard provides summary information for each client showing the Order Level, the Same-Day Shipments and the total of unit activity weight.
Images and files can be attached by item to the warehouse receipts and orders.
Shipment tracking can hyperlink to carriers and courier WEB sites.
Bulletins and messages are displayed globally or by client.
On-line documentation is provided for all screens and can be customized for each client.
Screens are designed for minimal data entry and the time required completing tasks.
Rapid deployment foundation allows for quick implementation.

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