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By: Ahbl  09-12-2011
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If you have a strong idea for a business and you're anxious to take your idea to a market, but nervous about the "legal" requirements of starting a company, the SmartStart™ Program is for you.

SmartStart™ is designed to easily and affordably get you established as a legal entity and set up your company documentation, so that you can focus on launching your product or service.  Best of all, you'll know up front what this work will cost you because we'll provide these services to you for a set fee.

The SmartStart™ Program will provide you with a lawyer to walk you through all of the steps to get you up and running, from securing a company name and incorporation, to drafting standard agreements such as shareholder and employment agreements, to reviewing your commercial lease agreement, and much more.  The SmartStart™ Program also includes six months of unlimited access to a lawyer to answer any questions you might have during the early days of your business.

Whether you are selling a product or a service, people are the foundation of any successful business.  That's why employee hiring, managing, and retention issues are a primary concern for all business owners.

You rely on your own good judgment to hire the right people for your company.  Now you can rely on the PeopleSmart™ Program to ensure you have effective Human Resources programs in place to start your employment relationships off right, and maximize your investment in those hires.

As a growing company, you have legal issues - or business issues requiring a legal perspective - that seem to arise on a daily basis.  Yet you may not be ready for the expense of hiring a full-time in-house counsel.  You want an individual who you know cares about your company and understands your business objectives.  You need someone who will act like your in-house counsel, without the overhead.

Our SmartCounsel™ Program is the answer.  We can provide you with a dedicated lawyer, who has the backing of a multi-service law firm.  You can request the degree of access to that lawyer that you require: once a day; once a week; once a month; or whatever works for you.  Further, you can choose to use this service for an hourly rate or for a fixed fee, whichever makes sense to your business.

Call us to find out how SmartCounsel™ is the smart way for growing companies to obtain highly tailored legal advice from outside counsel who see our business as being an extension of your own.

Keywords: Employment, Lawyer

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Our lawyers will then go through a comprehensive audit process to analyse your level of risk in those areas, point out areas in which improvements could be made, and make recommendations on those improvements. Foundations™ has been initially developed for use by engineering firms, however its business premise makes it an ideal risk management audit process for virtually any industry or business.