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By: Adagio Accounting  09-12-2011
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Windows 7 Compatibility

Adagio versions 8.1A and higher are compatible with Windows 7 (including SP1), with the following exceptions and limitations.

Adagio 8.1A and higher versions are compatible with earlier versions of Windows except as noted in the Windows 98 compatibility statement and the Windows 2000 compatibility statement.

Crystal Reports for Adagio 8.5B (2010.05.30) or higher is required for compatibility with Windows 7 (and Vista). Crystal Reports for Adagio 8.5 (no letter after 8.5) is not compatible with Windows 7 (or Vista) and custom reports added to the Reports menu of Adagio modules (CustomRP) and standard reports that have been modified (ModRP) for use on Windows XP stations will cause problems in those modules Windows 7 (and Vista) stations. Security Groups can be defined in Adagio to prevent this problem.

GridView Server 9.0A is required for compatibility with Windows 7 (and Vista). GridView Server 8.1A is not compatible with Windows 7 (or Vista).

Adagio ODBC 9.0A is compatible with Windows 7 (and Vista). If you start the ODBC Data Source Administrator by running Adagio ODBC from the Windows start menu you must Run As Administrator.

Adagio OLEDB (any version) is not compatible with Windows 7 and there will not be a compatibility release due to an architectural change required by Microsoft and the availability of Adagio ODBC.

The Adagio Data Source (ADS) used by all Adagio modules must be version or higher. Check the 'Database source' in the Help | About of any Adagio module. If it is not or higher you must install the System Updater 2010.01.05 or higher (scroll to bottom). If you ran Adagio on Windows 7 with an earlier version of ADS you may need to adjust permissions on Adagio data files as described in the System Updater release note. Installing any Adagio module with a release date in 2010 will install a compatible version of ADS.

Where Vista is stated in documentation and on install screens it can be assumed to apply to Windows 7 also. Future releases will reference Windows 7 where applicable.

Specification designers cannot open a spec file (ex. invoice, statement, check) on a UNC path. Although UNC paths are rarely used when opening Adagio databases, any install or workstation install on a new machine (meaning it never had any Adagio install previously, for any user), adds a Windows Start item for the Adagio sample data that will use a UNC path. The problem will be encountered if the designer is opened on the sample data when started from Windows Start. There is no problem when starting Adagio using any other means. This has been addressed in the designer for Payables 8.1B and Checks 8.1B, and any module with a release date in 2010 or higher.

Versions prior to 8.1A

Adagio accounting modules with version numbers less than 8.1A are not compatible with Windows 7, and Softrak does not provide support for those releases under Windows 7.

Keywords: Windows