Applied Analytics :: ACL Data Analytics

By: Acl  09-12-2011
Keywords: Data Analysis, Data Analytics, Audit Analytics

Applied Analytics :: ACL Data Analytics

Identify Weak or Non-Existent Controls
If your organization has business processes that are at risk for fraud, errors or compliance issues or that the audit team requires greater insight into, there is no better way than through the creation and integration of audit analytics. Take your use of data analysis to the next level beyond ad-hoc analysis to the use of targeted, audit analytics supporting specific audit objectives.

By integrating audit analytics into your audit program, risks that may have otherwise gone undetected can be identified, allowing management to take action.

Integrate Best Practices for Audit Analytics
Knowing what to test and acquiring the skills to create and implement these analytics can be challenging. ACL’s expertise in accessing the required data and creating audit analytics is second to none. Integrate the same best-practice analytic concepts currently being used in some of largest and most successful organizations in the world.

ACL experts will work with you to create a customized strategy for integrating audit analytics into your audit plan. By standardizing a suite of audit analytics into your audit program, repetitive testing becomes significantly easier and more efficient.

Keywords: Audit Analytics, Data Analysis, Data Analytics,

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Managed Analytics :: ACL Data Analytics

Managed Analytics improve the quality and sustainability of analytic results by enabling your team to centrally organize and access analytic content in a secure repository. Leverage the Power and Security of a Server The time required to access large data sets and conduct the required analysis is greatly reduced using server processing power.


Continuous Auditing :: ACL Data Analytics

Create a More Efficient and Effective Audit Process By achieving a higher level of audit automation and tracking risk and control issues, organizations will have a more efficient and effective audit process overall. The effort to perform audit procedures that are typically expected in core business process areas can be dramatically reduced if Continuous Auditing procedures show that there are no significant issues.


ACL Data Analytics :: Services Overview

Flexible training options include available in seminars offered worldwide and customized to precisely match specific client needs. A global network of ACL certified trainers is available to help organizations maximize the return on their ACL investment. An ACL Certification Program – by or – is also available to industry professionals.


Data Analysis :: ACL Data Analytics

Access and Analyze Entire Data Populations By taking advantage of the ACLâ??s Data Analysis solution to analyze transactions, you can do much more than just sample a data population, ensuring 100 percent coverage and the utmost confidence in your results. Strengthen Audit Quality and Consistency One of the keys to improving performance and driving better results is the ability to automatically record what has been done and reliably repeat it â?.


ACL Data Analytics :: Solutions Overview

Not only is internal audit expected to become more efficient and effective in performing its traditional assurance role assessing the effectiveness of risk management processes, but it is also expected to add value to the organization.