Driving Lessons

By: Ace It Driving School Co.  08-06-2015
Keywords: driving school, Driving Instruction, Driver Training

Topics covered in the following order, may depend on what you have already learned. Approach to vehicle (blind zone and potential hazards) Pre-trip protocol Preparing to drive (gauges, lights, signals) Basic vehicle control Sighting the curb Starting on a hill (how to not roll back) Blind zones/Blind spots Shoulder checking Steering (hand over hand and shuffle recovery) Scanning intersection Left and right turns 360 degrees check Backing (straight line, with corrections, 90 degrees) Basic intersections (controlled vs. uncontrolled) Right of way conflicts Alleys (speed and positioning) Traffic circles vs. round about Highway driving (major street or roadway, definition under motor vehicle act) Following distance and eye lead time Point of no return Hazard perception Emergency vehicles and 70/40 rule Traffic blending (side street onto big street) Lane changing (where is it legal to pass?) Hill parking and setting the wheel Presetting of wheel to prevent dry steering Angle parking (45 degrees and 90 degrees) Parallel parking Change of direction (2 point, 3 point, u-turn) Complex intersections turns Bias vs unbiased intersections Pedestrian controlled intersection Freeway (how to merge on and off safely) High speed curves Defensive driving (learning the SMITH system) Mock road test

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