By: Access Natural Healing Centre  09-01-2013
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TESTIMONIAL: Hi Elena, I got the medicine you left for me on the door. Just want to report that I had one of the most productive days at home since I can't remember when. I was not distracted in any way, shape or form by usual 'cravings' associated with my addiction. It was a very refreshing day. Several times I felt a flush of chemicals (perhaps endorphins) in the brain similar to what I seek through my 'acting out' behavior except this time it felt very natural - and uplifting. A very stellar and inspiring day. This is what sobriety is to me - not fighting with my body or my mind. I am going to bed now with genuine feelings of satisfaction rather than the usual pain, shame, and guilt. I look forward to more days like today. Thank you for your support," ~M.T. West Vancouver TESTIMONIAL "When I first went to see El I was have excruciatingly painful periods with little to no blood flow. My hormones were all out of whack and I was feeling really run down and tired all the time. Within three weeks of receiving my first constitutional remedy I got my period and I was surprised by the changes right away; the cramps were far less intense and only lasted a day, on and off. I also noticed an improvement in the quality of sleep I was getting and overall, I just felt more able to handle my stress and move through emotional obstacles. During the following months I have continued to see improvements on several levels including a healthier flowing cycle and less painful cramping. I'm so glad I found Homeopathy and El! The results have been astounding and El has been amazing to work with. I feel genuinely cared for and heard when I visit with her and I believe this is the moment the healing begins! When El chooses a remedy for me I can trust that she has made a well thought out and careful decision. As they say, the prove is in the pudding and the results I've had have been astonishing, prove enough for both me and my partner. We plan to start a family later this year and we both feel more at ease about it knowing that we have El and Homeopathy on our side. ~Rylie T. Lowry, New Spirit Massage and Bodywork TESTIMONIAL "When I went to see Elena in 2006, I was suffering with depression, panic attacks and was having troubles sleeping. I was missing work and knew I had to do something different than taking the conventional medications that weren't working for me. We met and she spent a significant amount of time getting a good understanding of what was going on for me. After the first remedy she chose, my anxiety disappeared and I was myself again; very functional, happy and enthusiastic for life. Five years later, I experienced some of the similar symptoms and went back to see her and was significantly better the very day after taking my Homeopathic Remedy." ~Nathalie Patel, Children's Librarian, Vancouver

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