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By: Absolute Software  09-12-2011
Keywords: Security, Endpoint Security, Theft Recovery

Today there's nothing average about the typical IT deployment.  In a few short years most deployments have exploded to include a long list of ultra-portable devices including netbooks, tablets, and smart phones. 

This change has been driven by the need for IT to support remote and mobile workers..and the reality that plenty of business gets done on and off the company network.  Add to this the growing trend of employees bringing their own devices to work and it's no surprise that endpoint security for ultra-portable devices is more complicated today than ever before.

And although these devices are less expensive than the laptops and desktops in your deployment, they still require the same level of diligence and care when it comes to security and compliance.  Computrace Mobile by Absolute Software provides you with the technology you need to remotely secure these devices.

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Feature Categories

Asset Adminstration

The Absolute Customer Center is a cloud-based interface where you can manage your entire deployment (desktops, laptops, ultra-portable devices) regardless if a device is on or off your network.  Collect incredibly accurate and comprehensive information from each device, then create customized policies and alerts so you can be notified as soon as an unauthorized activity is detected.

Data & Device Security

Remotely recover and delete sensitive data and produce an audit log of the deleted files for proof the data is no longer at risk.  Freeze a device and display a custom message to the user instructing them to comply with specific requests for action (validate identity, contact IT, etc.).


Track devices on an internet map.  Build predefined areas (geofences) to contain a device and receive an alert if it strays or if any other designated condition occurs.  If a device is not where it should be, investigate and determine if further action is required.

Theft Recovery

The Absolute Theft Recovery team will work with local police to locate a stolen device and return it to you.  Compturace Mobile provides for up to five hours of dedicated theft recovery services. Note:  Theft Recovery is available for netbooks and some tablet devices.

Service Guarantee

You will be eligible to receive up to $1000 if we are unable to recover a device or perform the data delete service.  Some conditions apply.

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Keywords: Endpoint Security, Laptops And Desktops, Security, Theft Recovery,

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