ESL Professional Communication Training

By: 3C Works  02-12-2010

3C Works offers two programs specifically designed to develop your mastery of spoken English:

Conversational Excellence
Being able to listen, think and respond quickly in English are all essential parts of fluency that require focussed practice. Our Conversational Excellence evening offers unique speaking activities in a fun, relaxed and social atmosphere. Each entertaining speaking activity is designed to help you excel at thinking and expressing your ideas quickly in English. You will be expertly guided through whole group, small team and partner speaking tasks so that by the end of the evening you will have worked with a wide variety of people. This is a brilliant way to improve your ability to think on the spot and respond naturally in English.  

Professional Communication
This is a five week program designed to give you the skills you need to feel vibrantly confident speaking in a group or giving presentations. Our fun, interactive activities and public speaking practice will show you how to formulate and express ideas efficiently and clearly, allowing your confidence to soar.