By: Kingsgate Dental  12-08-2015
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When you want a whiter smile you can turn to teeth whitening. This procedure removes the staining and discoloration on your teeth. Whitening kits at home are cheap to use but having a professional clean your teeth will yield better results. The peroxide solution you use at home simply isn’t strong enough to remove the deep stains in your teeth. Veneered teeth and ones that you have had other work on won’t match giving you a result you don’t want. Drugstore solutions can make sensitive teeth worse and any damaged teeth you have won’t whiten as well. A whitening procedure in the dentist’s office provides better results due to the higher levels of hydrogen peroxide which is used to whiten teeth. Once you have a whitening procedure done you can then go home and periodically use a whitening kit to maintain your new white smile.

Keywords: broadway dental clinic, Dental care,

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Having your teeth cleaned provides more than just calculus and plaque removal. Having this procedure done on a regular basis