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By: Eye For Detail Photography  09-12-2011

Bailey Gibson has our images all over her fridge. Every time we do a photo booth in town she is there in line for a fun photo of her kids, her friends or her coworkers, who ever she can grab to enter into the fun with her. She has been talking about doing a family photo session for some time so I was an trilled and excited when she called to set up a fall photo shoot for her family.

The day was planned and Bailey and I corresponded about ideas, locations and outfit choices to create an amazing fall session. The day broke and the sun was shining, everything was looking fantastic! We packed our car and headed up to meet her at her chosen location, a little park near her home where they could play  in the leaves, walk down the trails and we were close to home base in case her little son needed somewhere to warm up for a while. Two minutes, honestly two minutes before the session was to begin, it began to rain. So we headed to her home and then headed to ours with a new plan: a studio session.

Bailey picked a simple clean white backdrop which made her fun and amazing outfit choices pop. We pulled out our rugs, chairs and had a blast shooting in the warmth of our studio. Half way through the family changed into their Red Dragon t-shirts for some fun and more casual images. Her family was a total joy to shoot, every idea we had was met with “Oh this is going to be so fun!” and smiles from ear to ear. The girls were gorgeous with their hair in flowers and all done up to perfection – did I mention Bailey is an expert hairdresser- and the guys were amazing. I don’t know if they had more fun or if we did, but we are already looking forward to the day we can do it again. In the meantime I know I will see Bailey and her crew at any and every photo booth we hold in the Tumbler Ridge area.

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We are offering a free five minute Facebook Profile Portraits for anyone who wants to freshen up their facebook profile picture with a professional portrait. Everyone participating in the seminars and photo sessions will have their name go into a draw for an hour long studio session… yes that’s right. We are also going to be doing a few short seminars on how to take better photographs.


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The Jensens were the lucky winner of a portrait session from Eye For Detail Photography (or rather, Andrew was, but he brought mom and dad along for the experience) at a silent auction fundraiser. Not only is this one of my favourite locations in Tumbler Ridge to shoot, it is highly appropriate, as Chuck is in charge of the golf course for the district.


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I had a vision for the shots, but not knowing how things would actually look, I didn’t get everything set up properly, so I just took some pictures of John and Katrina climbing down the falls (I guess technically, that’d be rappelling) once. I’ve been wanting to, meaning to, get out with John for the last couple of years, but the timing never worked out. So this is a teaser for next year, when I get the lights set up in the right place.