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By: Trilogy Fish  09-12-2011
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Hot Smoked Chinook Salmon

The term hot smoked salmon refers to the temperature of the smoke during the the smoking process. Hot smoking is a way of using the smoke to cook and flavour the fish. All our smoked products are made with salt, sugar, spice, and natural alder smoke. We use no colour enhancers or preservatives.

Chinook Salmon is used for our hot smoking because it contains the most fat. This is what makes our Hot Smoked Salmon stay moist, mild and light.

Candied Salmon and Pepper Sticks

Candied salmon is smoked the same as Hot Smoked Salmon. The differences between the two are: Candied Salmon is cut into smaller strips, to have more contact with brine and the brine is much more sweet. We only use Chinook for making candy for the same reasons as we use it for Hot Smoking. When we do use other salmon such as Coho or Sockeye it is to make Salmon Jerky. Sockeye and Coho have contain less oil so they are easier to dry and make Jerky.

Pepper Sticks are Candied Salmon Sticks that are crusted with freshly ground pepper corns right before going into the smoker.

Cold Smoked Chinook Salmon

Our Cold Smoked Salmon is made with the same ingredients as our Hot Smoke but the process is quite different. It takes us 7 days from start to finish. We take our time brining and smoking to keep it as moist as possible. Cold Smoked fish is a way of smoking and curing the fish without cooking it.

Keywords: Fish

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