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By: Diamex Holdings  09-12-2011

Facebook applications are the very best and most cost effective way to market your small local business!

It is quite easy to create viral buzz around an event, contest or targeted download when you use a Facebook application to power it.

Here is what I mean ….

Using a contest app to promote your business;

  1. Offer a worthy prize or set of prizes so that it will be worth the time of the contestants to compete for it/them.
  2. Announce the contest everywhere possible prior to it launching
  3. Launch the contest through your current Facebook contacts
  4. Watch it spread
  5. Use the app to capture contact info and add it to a database for later

Using a secret reveal app to promote your business:

  1. Hide valuable content behind the app so that visitors must "Like" your page to see it
  2. You can also acquire contact details for your database too

Using an event app to promote your business:

This can be one of the most powerful things you do to market your business because an event can run for a very short specific time or can be set to run continuously.

  1. Choose the most attractive event you can that will appeal to your target customer demographic
  2. You can capture and require all kinds of Facebook permissions on one of these events especially if it is appealing
  3. You can use the app to reveal a coupon, invitation or any other reward for spreading the word about the event

Depending on the complexity of the application you require, it can usually be created and ready to implement in a week or less.

These applications can be developed to market any local business and can easily be combined with QR codes, print media and all other forms of advertising media to get maximum impact.

For example, a restaurant decides to have a VIP night every month as an event. They choose their least busy day based on past history and offer a special that night at a very enticing price to attract the crowd. The only way to get in the door is with a special VIP invite that was revealed to them as they went through the application on Facebook.

Meanwhile, the restaurant is filling it's business with eager patrons that will spend money on drinks and other extras and all the business mailing list is growing during the process making it all that much easier to announce any future VIP events.

It doesn't matter what city or country your business is in by the way. With the right details, I can create and put one of these to work for you anywhere.

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