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By: Integral Forest  09-12-2011
Keywords: Fertilizer, Forest Management, Tree Seedlings

RTI Teabag Fertilizer

Darius started his relationship with RTI back in 1998 when he started using the product for his own silviculture programs. Noticing the benefits almost right away, he used the product for years before representing the company in 2004. Results from monitoring trials that he helped to establish and measure confirmed what he was seeing. Getting the word out about the product came naturally as he could easily see how it could improve plantation performance.

What attracted Darius to working with RTI over the years is their commitment to quality and support. The blends of fertilizer that we have, have evolved substantially over the years as technology has improved and we have worked with our clients to get a better understanding of the needs of tree seedlings in BC. Our objective has never been to make the cheapest fertilizer, but to be the best and deliver quality that will deliver over the long term. Contrary to many people’s belief, fertilizer is not all the same. It can vary greatly in terms of components and release characteristics. It is very easy to produce a lush tree after one growing season with almost any fertilizer, it is another thing to have that tree to continue to benefit and perform over the long term. Our best blend, the Continuem, does an exceptional job of meeting the needs of a tree seedling. Fertilizers that are not nutritionally balanced or that release too quickly, can do more harm than good over the long term, and make them susceptible to browse damage and disease.

Tree seedling planted with Continuem at the time of planting on the right vs. no fertilizer after the fourth growing season However, what is even more remarkable about these two trees is what you don’t see.

Earth – Savers Straw Wattles

New for the fall of 2009, Integral Forest Management Limited, through its relationship with RTI, is also proud to represent Earth-savers. Straw wattles are another excellent tool that can be used for the restoration of forest ecosystems. Designed to mitigate soil erosion, they can be used for anything from forest fire rehabilitation, to mining reclamation, to sediment prevention during construction activities. They are used extensively in the U.S. and considered a Best Management Practice. Below you’ll find a couple of photos depicting their uses. They can also be used in conjunction with other erosion control tools such as seeding, mulches, blankets, etc. Just use your imagination.

If you have ever had the pleasure of fighting with a silt fence you’ll be happy to know there is an alternative that is much easier to install, is much more aesthetically pleasing, and degrades on-site without the tear-down and maintenance costs. Not only that, but unlike a silt fence, the sediment and moisture captured by straw wattles can provide an excellent microsite for the re-establishment of natural vegetation. The wattles themselves are made of rice straw and are weed free. We have an inventory in Kamloops, BC to quickly meet your needs.

Keywords: Fertilizer, Forest Management, Tree Seedlings

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