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By: Z Tec  09-12-2011
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The Flying Barcoder™

The Flying Barcoder™ is a radically different concept that prints and applies labels to the end of each board in an entire package, after it has come through the strapper. This machine is available in both linear positioning and robotic versions.


Compared to other barcoding systems, the Z-Tec Flying Barcoder saves time and money, and improves the appearance of the product to the end consumer. The visual comparison above speaks for itself.

The Ultimate Barcode Labeling Solution:
  • Capable of barcoding an entire package of 2x4 in less than 2 minutes or a package of 2x6 in approximately 90 seconds, all with over 99% accuracy.
  • The environment is much cleaner after the strapper, resulting in less wear and tear on the machine.
  • Barcode labels print completely clear and readable.
  • Sensor protection virtually eliminates damage to the machine, diminishing maintenance costs.
  • Line speed is not an issue as the product is stationary, and the barcoder moves in a controlled manner.
  • Manual intervention and additional labor costs are virtually eliminated.

For more information, please refer to The Flying Barcoder™ Informational flyer(s) listed below.


WinJet II™ Print and Apply System

The WinJet II Print and Apply System is an inline barcoding system which is unsurpassed in its ability to stand up to harsh mill environments and keep up with today's fast production line speeds.

This system integrates the Z-Tec custom designed WinJet II Control System with a range of different print & apply (barcoding) machines, such as those from IBC, Universal, Paragon and others.

The system is capable of printing and applying unique labels at speeds in excess of 250 pieces/minute (limited by speed of print & apply machine) utilizing a hot melt applicator and a barcode verification system to ensure 100% barcode readability.

Keywords: control system

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The WinJet II Combination System integrates the capabilities of the WinJet II Printing System with the versatility of a print and apply system to allow both inkjet printing and labeling of product at the same time. The verifier could be a laser scanner, or a camera. A Typical WinJet II Combination System Integrates. One verifiers, also called "scanners".


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The WinJet II is the second generation of our original WinJet process control system that includes hardware and software for Ink Jet Printing, Barcode Application, and Vision Verification systems. Optional barcode application and vision verification features enhance the WinJet Printing System to provide the functionality each customer requires.


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Whether you need to collect data for an inventory, track your product from the log decks to the finished inventory in the yard, or monitor machine performance and throughput, Z-Tec offers customized solutions targeted to providing the information you need to run your business in the most efficient manner possible.