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By: YurtZ by Design  09-12-2011

We will ship anywhere in the world.

Shipping costs are based on the weight and shipping destination. All orders are FOB Yurtco’s location in Surrey, B.C. Canada. Yurtco will provide an estimate for shipping and handling with your order inquiry.

We add a packaging and handling cost to each order being shipped that covers the cost of crating the yurt for its journey to your location. In order to estimate the shipping cost we need to know what size yurt you are interested in and the postal or zip code of the shipping destination.

Delivery costs are greatly reduced b ecause yurts fold down into such compact units. Yurtco uses a freight broker who will get the lowest rate available.

The shipping cost must be prepaid unless you choose your own shipping company. We will add the freight cost to your final invoice amount.

  • Shipping is F.O.B. Surrey, BC, Canada.
  • Crating and packing charges apply, unless you pick up at our location.
  • Please allow 4 to 7 weeks for delivery.
  • Prices are subject to change without notice.

You are welcome to pick up your yurt direct from our Surrey, BC location, and if you do so, no crating or packing fees will be charged.

......Crated yurt ready for shipping ........ 28ft yurt loaded in customer's trailer

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YURTCO - Yurt Manufacturer, BC Canada - prd options

Our covers are made from VinaGARD® made by Vintex, which is a double-coated fabric made for applications where high strength protection and durability are required. Cream color is the same colour as the cotton liner, which means cotton and vinyl can be used together, if desired, e.g. cotton liner in top and vinyl in side walls. Add quality and extra strength to any size yurt whilst adding a magical ambience that can be enjoyed in every season.


YURTCO - Yurt Manufacturer, BC Canada - prd ord us

Two windows, 48" x 40" horizontal, with insect screens and removable windows, with heavy duty commercial zippers on both sides of windows to secure closure. Model comes complete with ROUND Lodgepole pine rafters, sanded and stained, large 6ft industrial quality, OPENING DOME and SNOW AND WIND KIT. A fireproof, insulated exterior door, complete with highest quality door hardware and lock set with extra keys.


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The exclusive textile construction includes a powerful mildew and fungus inhibitor and a wick resistant base fabric, which together combat internal and external mildew growth for long fabric life. Softer polymer coatings mean VinaGARD® fabrics resist crazing, creasing and cracking better than traditional laminated fabrics and stay softer at lower temperatures.