YM Smart Services Inc

By: Ym Smart  09-12-2011
Keywords: Hardware, Firmware, Device Driver


We have experience in a variety of software, embedded hardware system design and development. We provide assistance in all life-cycle of the project, from concept to production release.

Software Consulting Services:

Development of complete applications per customer specifications in the following aspects:

Industrial control panel applications:

The control software may be used in any industry to: Retrieve data from remote sensor/engineering source. Configure remote node settings. Control and drive output device. It can be in PC, Handheld, UM-PC or any embedded operating system.

Data communications:

Focus on the implementations of Serial communication, USB, Device Driver, RS485/MSPT, Ethernet/TCPIP.

Data converting, analyzing and processing:

Help customer in analyzing source data and plotting per custom equations, converting data from one type to another.

Device Driver and API/ActivX:

Encapsulating sophisticated functionality into Driver or API and only expose user-friendly interface for implementing.

Hardware and Firmware:

We help customers in hardware product development, renovation, configuration and fabrication. We specialized in following hardware and firmware designs:

Embedded real-time microprocessor systems in various industries.

Serial communications, Ethernet-Serial converting Device Server, wireless RF communications. USB-Serial communications.

RS485/MSTP interface and firmware.

Wireless RF communications.

Data acquisition. Sensor signal interfacing, sampling and processing.

LAN and WAN protocols. BACnet, CAN protocols.

Display Drivers and modules.

Keywords: Device Driver, Firmware, Hardware