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By: Virtually Vegas  09-12-2011

Coins Clinging! Bells Ringing! Lights Flashing! People Yelping!

When you walk into a Casino, majority of the floor is covered by these loud clinging machines!
There are no complicated rules to learn, no terms to memorize, no opponents to outwit!

We have many different kinds of slot machines that you can rent! Yes they have the bright lights, bells do ring, and coins make a clinging sound! Very Authentic just like in Vegas!

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It includes a marquee message made out of LED lights so that you can personalize the money booth towards your event. Have you ever dreamed of going into a money booth and having the enjoyment of grabbing as much cash as you can. It includes flashing lights and a box to put the money in during your time inside the booth. The length of time each participant has inside the booth can be determined by you.


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Instead of a furlong race, depending on the force of the spin on the wheel, the horses are most likely running 400 furlongs in just 30 seconds. You do not need to know football terms such as first-down, safety, touch-back, or even offside to be able to understand this NFL wheel. Whether you are a sports fan or a money type of person, we have one wheel that will be perfect for you and your event.