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By: Virtually Inspired Marketing  09-12-2011
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Local Search « « virtuallyinspiredmarketing.com virtuallyinspiredmarketing.com

Local search refers to looking for a company or service in your local area.  In the past the Yellow Pages was where everyone went, now the internet has taken over first place.

One of the less obvious benefits of local online marketing is that it’s much easier to rank in the search engine results pages (SERPs) when you add a location to your keywords.  Suddenly, instead of millions or billions of competing web pages, you cut your competition down to a point where it’s actually quite easy to get ranked on page 1 of the SERPs.

First place you go to look for local business info

Interestingly, online search is the first option for all three major age groups.

Age: 55 and older

  • 56% look online first
  • 41% look offline first

Age: 35 to 54

  • 69% look online first
  • 27% look offline first

Age: 18 to 34

  • 81% look online first
  • 12% look offline first

The study indicates that most consumers rely on multiple sources of information. Only 14% of people who start at a search engine when looking for local businesses don’t also look for info elsewhere, too. Cell phones and social media are still small, but they’re growing as secondary sources of local info.

Local and Social

The survey asked, “Are you more likely to use a company if you can find their info on a social networking site?”

  • 69% say yes
  • 13% say no
  • 18% are neutral

How are consumers finding local businesses on social networking sites?

  • 56% — company pages (i.e. Facebook pages, social profiles, etc.)
  • 55% — recommendations from friends
  • 48% — via promotions

What do consumers want local businesses to do on social networking sites?

  • 81% of consumers want the business to respond to posts/messages (from fans/followers)
  • 78% want to see promotions
  • 74% want to see regular posts
  • 66% want to see pictures

What about reviews and ratings?

  • 60% of respondents say they’re important
  • 78% of social networkers say they’re important
  • 71% of mobile users say reviews are important

Keywords: Online Marketing

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