GP 3000 Pure Sine Wave Inverter

By: Universal Electronics Now  09-12-2011

The ultimate choice for appliances that demand a clean, pure source of AC power. With Sine Wave power, your audio, video and electronic equipment will run without buzzing or humming.The GP-SW3000 will run practically everything in your RV or cottage and still have pure power for the sensitive loads. Features include a duplex GFCI receptacle with full overload protection and power save mode. 12 and 24 Volt input available
with remote option.Ideal for:
- Service vehicles
- Mobile Offices
- Telecommunication
- Field work / Construction sites
- Home electronics: TV, VCR, video games
- Computers, printers, monitors, fax machines
- Boats, Recreation Vehicles, Camping
- Tools and appliances
- Emergency backup power

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GP 1000 Modified Sine Wave Inverter

The GP-1000 watt Inverters let you run standard AC appliances when you want them - no matter where you travel.Simply plug the item you wish to run directly into the inverter. GP-DC-Kit 2 option available.Ideal for:- Kitchen Appliances- RVs and Campers- Long Haul Trucks- Boats- Mobile Office- Service Vehicles- Emergency Back-up Power.


12 Watt Folding Solar Charger (Sunlinq

The advantage of having both the XPower PowerSource Mobile 100 and a Sunlinq 12 W solar charger is that the XPower PowerSource Mobile 100 is a source of power during the evening or inclement weather. Sunlinq 12 W and the XPower PowerSource Mobile 100The Sunlinq 12 W can also be used to charge the XPower PowerSource Mobile 100 powerpack directly with solar power.