12 Watt Folding Solar Charger (Sunlinq

By: Universal Electronics Now  09-12-2011
Keywords: Battery Chargers, Solar Battery, Solar Battery Chargers

Sunlinq solar panels by Global Solar are high quality, durable and weatherproof solar chargers that use thin-film photovoltaic technology (PowerFLEX™) - a technology that has a proven track record in space and military applications and is now available to the general public.This lightweight 12 watt Sunlinq solar charger is ideal for keeping any of your small electronics charged (Cell phone, GPS unit, iPod, PDA, etc.). At 0.7 lbs and a compact 5"x9" when folded, it is the perfect size to slip into a pocket, glove compartment or just about anywhere. When open, the Sunlinq 12 W is 17.5 x 29 inches. Sunlinq 12 W and the XPower PowerSource Mobile 100
The Sunlinq 12 W can also be used to charge the XPower PowerSource Mobile 100 powerpack directly with solar power. The XPower PowerSource Mobile 100 will provide power for small electronics as well as laptop computers. The advantage of having both the XPower PowerSource Mobile 100 and a Sunlinq 12 W solar charger is that the XPower PowerSource Mobile 100 is a source of power during the evening or inclement weather. This combination will also allow you to power most laptop computers that use up to 80 watts of power. Contact us to determine if this is the right portable solar panel / Powerpack solution for you.Sunlinq 12 W and solar battery chargers
The Sunlinq 12 W works well with the solar battery chargers that we carry. Click Here to view the selection.Features of Sunlinq products:* Designed to provide years of reliable service
* Lightweight less than 1-lb. each panel
* PowerFLEX™ technology uses CIGS (copper indium gallium diselenide) solar cells, a material proven to be stable, and provides higher efficiency than other flexible solar cell technologies, including amorphous silicon.
* Functions with many devices even in cloudy and rainy skies
* It can be mounted to curved surfaces
* Fully Weatherproofed
* UV resistant
* Easily folds into a planner-size pack that fits virtually anywhere including backpacks, glove boxes, purses, cargo pant pockets
* Can be easily attached to backpacks, tents or jackets

Keywords: Battery Chargers, Solar Battery, Solar Battery Chargers, Solar Charger

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