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By: Unicity Canada  09-12-2011
Keywords: Glycemic Index

What is Bios Life Slim-G?

Bios Life Slim-G is the latest to the Bios Life Slim family of fiber supplements with specific focus on balancing blood glucose.  Using a proprietary blend of natural ingredients, this revolutionary formula is designed to give you improved glycemic control in response to the foods you eat.

How does Bios Life Slim-G work?

Bios Life Slim-G works by using the latest cutting edge technology from carefully selected natural fibers.  Drinking Bios Life Slim-G twice a day before your two largest meals assists your body in balancing it’s blood glucose levels —naturally and without the hunger or cravings from other products — ultimately leading to a slimmer, more active, more attractive you.

Staying true to the Unicity’s legacy of clinically researched products, Bios Life Slim-G has been evaluated by world-renowned experts at the University of Sydney in Australia.  According to their results, Bios Life Slim-G can reduce the glycemic index of three common foods by up to 30%.

When will I see results?

Results will vary but you can expect to be a healthier you in as short as a few days.  Many consumers of Bios Life Slim-G have reported seeing visible benefits in little as 30 days.  More importantly, you can expect to feel results with the first packet of Slim-G you try.  Immediately you will feel the satiating effects and improved glycemic control.

Keywords: Glycemic Index

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Bios Life Slim | Unicity Canada Ltd

Drinking Bios Life Slim at least twice a day with your meals trains your body to burn away excess fat forever—without the jitters, hunger, or confusion of other weight-loss products or programs—creating a slimmer, more active, more attractive you.