Settlement Services

By: Tradenconsult  09-12-2011

Pre-Arrival to Canada

Online Consultingº

Ø        Geography and location of different places in Vancouver, Toronto, Calgary or other cities in Canada.

Ø        Information on distances between different locations/cities/etc.

Ø        Travel costs for commuting within Vancouver, Toronto, Calgary or other cities in Canada and surrounding suburbs by local transport

Ø        Approximate purchase price for cars

Ø        Approximate cost of living

Ø        Cost of products including daily consumables, furniture, white goods, etc

Ø        Schooling related queries

Ø        Banking and Credit Card requirements

Ø        List of goods to be carried on person

Ø        Any other queries

Organize¹, if required, stay at

Ø        Reasonably priced hotel or motel for the first few days

Ø        Leased furnished apartment for slightly longer term (couple of weeks, if available, or longer)

Ø        Stock, if required before arrival and upon approval, basics (milk, bread, fruits, etc) in the leased hotel/apartment (bill will be provided for settlement at actuals on arrival) 

Provide a Temporary local contact² telephone and address to the New Immigrant (NI) 

Ø        To Re-direct mail

Ø        For NI’s freight forwarders, if goods are being shipped to Vancouver

Ø        For NI’s family/friends, a telephone number to call