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By: Tourism Recruitment Solutions  09-12-2011
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Recruitment service – client services

We practice a tailored approach to recruitment. Before sending applicants for an interview we first assess our clients. This information assists us in gaining a clear knowledge of individual requirements and allows us to match each organization closely with potential applicants on our current database.

Through a screening process that involves applicant testing, reference checking and a pre selection interview with our qualified industry professionals, we assure ourselves that the applicants clients see are the best fit for the position.

Both our clients and our database of applicants can be assured of our confidentiality when working with your organization. Confidentiality is our key word.

We know that the tourism and hospitality industry is a busy one and our client’s first priority is guest satisfaction. Engaging the right employee to ensure that satisfaction is met and exceeded is an important but time consuming role.

Many of our candidates are returning from our overseas placements and have the benefit of international experience where they will have met the challenges of working in another country and culture. They bring to you a wealth of experience and newly acquired personal and professional development gained within 4/5 star properties abroad. Several of our candidates have undertaken Degree qualifications at the renowned IMI College in Switzerland and are now seeking supervisory and junior management positions here in Canada.

Our candidate base also includes industry professionals looking to move up the career ladder or change location and job seekers who merely seek fresh employment opportunities. Your needs are our primary focus as we match our candidates to your property and position; if we do not have a suitable candidate we will tell you so. Our reputation is built on our professionalism in supplying successful employment opportunities for both employers and job seekers.

The Bottom line?

We know hospitality and tourism and we find people who fit. So why use Tourism Recruitment Solutions? There are really only 2 key points to remember:

  1. We know hospitality - We specialize exclusively in hospitality and tourism, we are seasoned hospitality, tourism and human resource professionals operating on a national and international basis.
  2. There's no risk - There's no obligation or up front fee and we only place candidates who are the right fit to the position and property. Our fees are realistic and negotiable to meet your individual needs.

Tourism Recruitment Solutions are an international and national placement company that seeks to match our candidates with your organisation to ensure the right selection first time.

  • We are not a large hospitality recruitment agency
  • We do not send you candidates from our extensive database of applicants
  • We do not aim to place our candidates merely because they are seeking employment
  • We do not charge you high placement fees
  • We do ensure that the candidate we refer to you will fit with your organisation and job criteria
  • We do interview all of our candidates and assess their suitability for client positions on an individual basis
  • We will tell you if we feel we have no one suitable for your position
  • We charge a realistic fee similar to that you would spend on advertising alone
  • We are an organisation of dedicated professionals in the Hospitality/Tourism and Human resources fields

Hospitality employers have you considered complementing and filling your staffing needs through international workers?

Global Tourism Recruitment Solutions have international candidates (UK, Australia, New Zealand, Philippines, Canada…) with Degree/ Diploma qualifications and industry experience who wish to undertake a one-year (plus) placement.

We undertake the selection process on your behalf and present you with a short list of candidates for interview by telephone and digital presentation. Your new employee arrives to commence employment having undertaken our cultural orientation program that ensures a successful transition to working abroad.

“I know I will always receive a friendly and professional service from TRS and would recommend them to anyone seeking quality candidates. That's what I like about you compared to many agencies, the fact I know you will only send me people who you consider would be good for the position. Some others tend to just send loads of resumes and they don't have appropriate skills at all.“
- Dee Wragg, HR Manager, MacDonald Hotels

International placement – client services

GTRS offer a unique international placement service for Canadian and international tourism, hospitality and culinary graduates and professionals who wish to further their experience by working abroad.

Graduates and professionals are prepared for working in another country through participating in a accredited training program that prepares them for working in another country They are assessed at the end of the program in terms of their attitude and aptitude for working abroad, not everyone is successful. We pride ourselves on our established reputation with our existing clientele and therefore place carefully and selectively into International properties.

All our applicants undergo assessment, a stringent behavioral interview and references from employers are checked, before we liaise with properties abroad that have suitable vacancies. GTRS give personal assistance to applicants with obtaining visas for working abroad and generally a 2-year working holiday abroad visa can be obtained.

We also ask for our placements, staff accommodation wherever possible (this charge deductible from their salary) and a salary reflective of that paid to residents in similar positions. Where staff accommodation is not available our placements will source their own accommodation in the local area. All current client properties have been unanimous in their praise of our placement skills base, in particular their customer service skills.

Recruitment service – applicant services

GTRS maintains an up to date database of applicant information that we search each time our Canadian and in particular BC clients request applicant information to fill a position.

If we shortlist you for a position we will check your references, carry out applicant testing where necessary and call you for a pre selection interview with one of our professional recruitment team. During that interview we will get to know you better and assess your fit into the hiring organization.industry professionals and

We will assist you with interview skills and presentation training and make sure that your resume is prepared and presented professionally. In short we will equip you with all the tools to ‘sell’ yourself in a professional and favorable manner.

Our service is totally confidential, stress free and there is no cost involved.

International placement service – applicant services

Dreaming about foreign travel?
Thinking about working abroad?

Why not combine the two? Global tourism recruitment solutions offer international placement opportunities that will give you the chance to work abroad and travel the countries of your dreams as well.

Our placements are for a minimum of one year in 4/5 star hotels and resorts and whilst hospitality/tourism industry experience is desirable it is not essential.

Gaining international work experience will enable you to gain both professional and personal growth. You will experience new cultures, make new friends and gain a different perspective on the workplace. You will fast track your career by gaining experience in a 4/5 star hotel that is portable to Canada and other international locations.

International experience tells prospective employers that you accept challenges and welcome change. You are not afraid to experience new cultures and are a person who will adapt to new situations. In short- someone they want to hire!

If you are a confident person and experienced traveler we will place you abroad for a one-time placement fee that includes ongoing assistance from our trained staff up to point of departure.

If however we feel you will require additional advice and assistance in making your first move abroad then we offer you the International work abroad seminars. We have partnered with the Canadian Tourism College, a premier training institute located in Vancouver and Surrey, BC, to offer the International Working Abroad training program to industry professionals and graduate students from Colleges and training institutions across Canada.

The International work abroad program facilitates the transition into the international workplace.

To assist you our seminars consist of:

  1. Pre-departure Preparation Workshop
  2. Am I Ready for Overseas Employment?
  3. Skills and Tools for the successful Employee
  4. International Employment
  5. Stress Management
  6. Leadership Certificate

Seminars can be undertaken in the following ways:

  • You can join students from other Colleges and access seminars delivered by GTRS
  • You can join one of the 3 seminar programs run annually at the Canadian Tourism College by GTRS and Canadian Tourism College Instructors.

Upon successfully completing the seminars you will receive a Certificate in International Employment Training. At this point Global Tourism Recruitment Solutions will secure your placement with a tourism and hospitality operation in the UK and assist you with obtaining visa’s, necessary documentation and assistance up to your point of departure.

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