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By: Tickled By Thunder  09-12-2011
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Please note that we will not be accepting any further Chap Book orders for the next month or two, due to health issues.
(August 1, 2005).

A CHAP BOOK (or chapbook) is a small booklet, usually 5.5" wide by 8.5" deep with a cover. (Send us $3 and ask for a sample!) Most chapbooks have press-runs of between 50 and 500 copies. Tickled by Thunder offers chap books at a reasonable cost -- all designed, illustrated and proofed by the author AND our staff!

Now take a minute and think about this: When you pay for stamps and send your fiction or poetry off to a magazine just once, you may have already spent all the money that manuscript will ever earn! So why not subsidy publish a chap book and guarantee your fiction or poetry is in print for posterity? Chances are, if you don't mind a little hassle (and hussle), you may even get your money back in sales around your community..

We can also process your ISBN number for you for $10 US or you can do this yourself (just go to the library to find out how, or write us for information). Bar Codes are $25 US.

If you want a PERFECT BOUND BOOK, then please ask us for a quote. Keep in mind that there is a 64-page minimum (plus glossy cover), and at least 300 copies must be ordered.

Key Benefits for authors . . .

Get published the way you want, when you want, at a competitive price

Show off a chap book (chapbook) rather than a page(s) mixed amongst others

Perhaps get your money back from sales of your chap book (chapbook)

Key Benefits for teachers / students . . .

Get professional help with publishing and layout concerns

Develope a sense of teamwork completing this project

Perhaps get your money back from sales of your chap book (chapbook)

Some Questions and Answers . . .

  1. Who owns the chap book (chapbook)? All rights to your chapbook (prices below) or perfect bound book (ask for a quote) remain with you. We charge a small fee for design and printing. We do not provide distribution or marketing services.
  2. Will I receive royalties or all sales proceeds? We do not pay royalties because we do not sell your books. You receive all sales proceeds. This may or may not result in profits.
  3. Where will the chap books (chapbooks) be housed? You receive and store all the books you've paid for.
  4. How much control do I have over the production process? We'll negotiate this with you. If you want us to handle the entire process, we will. If you want to decide the fonts, fine. We'll work with you to produce the book within your budget, to the quality you desire.
  5. Who sends chap books (chapbooks) to reviewers, and who pays for it? Sending out review copies is entirely your responsibility.
  6. Who handles marketing and advertising? You determine your market and how to reach it.
  7. What is the cost? Printing costs are below. Marketing costs depend entirely on you . . .
  8. What kind of chap book (chapbook) will it be? Again, that's up to you. We can do anything from chapbook to perfect bound (soft cover) book. Perfect bound books require a 64-page minimum, please ask for quote . . .

P ost this form, then mail payment and manuscript to:
Tickled by Thunder, 14076 - 86A Ave., Surrey, B.C., Canada V3W 0V9.

R EPRINTS are always available and cost just 7-cents a page (including cover and blank pages) plus optional trimming costs if page-trimming is desired (see above), and finally, $20 for shipping and handling. Please note that full colour covers cost $1 extra pe book.

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Keywords: Chapbook

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