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By: Stuart Chiropractic  09-12-2011
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 Stuart Chiropractor is a modern facility known for its range of Chiropractic techniques and other services.


Spinal Adjustment

Removing irritation to the nerve via spinal adjustments is achieved using various techniques. The chiropractic adjustment is a safe, gentle procedure based on the clinical findings of the individual, and will be incorporated with soft tissue therapy at the office, and exercises performed at home.

On-Site X-Ray Facility

The spine is made up of 24 bones stacked on top of eachother. The bones protect the spinal cord with nerves exiting between each of these bones. If there is irritation to these nerves, your health is compromised.  X-rays help us locate these areas. They also rule out more severe problems of disease processes which can occur.

Insight Discovery Subluxation Station

Developed by NASA to evaluate the status of your nervous system. It involves five tests which are not invasive in any way. The technology boils down this series of tests to just one number that represents your neurospinal health. This technology is extremely useful in both locating and monitoring changes that are occuring in your nervous system.

Computerized Gait Analysis

It measures the pressure of your foot throughout your step from heel strike to toe off. It provides us with a detailed graph of your foot. Poor biomechanics in the feet often result in foot, knee, hip and spinal problems.  Typically, foot problems worsen with age and with people who spend a large amount of time on their feet.

Bilateral Weigh Scales

The office is equipped with bilateral weigh scales to assess how well balanced you are. Uneven pressure creates nerve pressure and joint dysfunction if not corrected. Exercise programs along with regular spinal adjustments assist in correcting weight imbalance.

Scale and Blood Pressure

Our office is concerned with your well being. For those patients on weight loss programs, or as a general indicator of health, tracking weight is another method of evaluation. All patients will have their blood pressure checked and many patients will continue to have it monitored. Elevated blood pressure contributes to many health issues including headaches.

Other Services

Keywords: chiropractor, Spinal Adjustment