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Have you ever had someone come so close to you that you felt uncomfortable? That is because they have crossed your personal boundary. How about when someone says "you shouldn't feel that way" or "don't be like that" or "you will like that"? I have and I find myself experiencing an internal reaction of anger or irritation. That is because that person is trying to cross my boundaries or even tell me what my boundaries should be. Boundaries are the realization of our person-hood apart from others, our way to define self. This forms the basis of our personal identity. They help us see what we are and what we are not, what we will choose, what we will endure and what we will not endure, what we feel and what we will not feel, what we like and what we will not like and what we want and what we do not want. Boundaries protect you and me and when in place, relationships flow more smoothly and we feel good about ourselves. Do you find yourself saying yes to others and yet resentful when you do? We need to have ownership for our thoughts, feelings, attitudes, behaviours, desires and choices. Perhaps you have notices you struggle with clearly defined boundaries for yourself. As a therapist, I work with people to help them define their own boundaries for their bodies, their feelings, their behaviours, their thoughts, their abilities, their desires and their limits. If you would like help in this area please call for an initial free consultation. 604-312-6674 Sonya

Keywords: Couples Counselling, couples therapy, individual counseling, Stress Management, Surrey Counselor

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