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By: Sn Tech Solutions  09-12-2011

Hosting Features :

› Online File Manager

› Website Backup Utility

› MySQL Database Management

› Add/remove sub-domains

› Custom error pages

› FTP Access

› Auto responders

› Many more features..

Optional Add-ons

› E-Commerce Store

› Flash Effects & Animation

› Secure Forms with Database Backend (SSL Encryption)

› Website Editing (CMS)

› Site Search RSS Feed Aggregator - See Example News Feeds

› News/Article Posting

› Photo Gallery

› Guestbook

› Community Forum

› Events Calendar

› And more!

Optional Add-ons pricing will vary. To obtain pricing, please inquire about the specific add-on you wish to include. Optional Add-ons may be limited by what programming languages your host supports. If you intend to host with us, all add-ons would be available to you, if desired, for an additional fee. Affordable Website Development to suit your needs!

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Website Designing | Logo Designing

Color compatibility, white space management, steady corporate brand strategies, visually appealing interface and operative blueprint of matter and images; are the few to name which we make sure in user interface concept. You need to convey all your products or services information in such a way which in a short while conveys all your message to the reader.


Software Development : SN TECH SOLUTIONS

The initial costs of developing custom software solutions or offshore application development very quickly start to bear fruit as organizations find themselves in a position to ascertain the progress that they're making in terms of time-gains.


Search Engine Optimization | SEO

Although Google tries to think like a human being, it is still only a computer & so relies upon a complex algorithm to compile the necessary data.This algorithm rely's upon looking for over one hundred different factors on each page which it then scores in order to be able to rank each site.


Domain Registration : SN TECH SOLUTIONS

Global Top Level Domains were created to be used by the Internet public, while country code Top Level Domains were created to be used by each individual country, as they deem necessary. Registration of Domain Name Only registrars accredited by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers are authorized to register .com, .net and .org names in the registry.