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By: Samco  09-12-2011
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Introduction to Power Accounting

, allowing us to assemble the best combination to meet each client’s individual requirements. Some modules are best suited for certain industries, types of conditions within the industries, or individual locations within a business. There are two areas which we allocate the modules to, Basic and Advanced.


Accounts Payable - Streamline the often cumbersome task of payables management with the Accounts Payable module from Samco's Power Accounting suite. With A/P you'll be able to control disbursements, automatically take advantage of vendor terms and discounts, improve credit positioning, project cash requirements, make payments via Electronic Funds Transfers and have historical data available for viewing or reporting.  A/P seamlessly integrates with Bank Reconciliation, Purchasing, General Ledger, and Job Cost. 

Accounts Receivable – Effective cash flow and client management is critical to the long term success of any business. The Accounts Receivable module gives you the tools to take and keep control of your client base. Accenting the robust reporting features, you'll also have instant access to information from any workstation and from anywhere in the Samco system; including a customer's account aging with average days to pay, customer details with user defined fields and ship-to addresses. Invoice detail can be called up while viewing a customer's account. What is even more impressive, is that it is easy to use and manage.

Billing (Order Entry) - The speed and accuracy with which you service customers are key to the success of your business. Order Entry provides you with the tools needed to speed up sales and order lines.These include inventory verification when entering orders, immediate information on customers, automatic discount levels or contract price selection, plus rapid and accurate billing.One of the keys to Samco's Order Entry module is its flexibility. Used in a variety of business types, O/E can be molded to suit your specific needs.

General Ledger – Business professionals, like yourself, look for flexibility, ease-of-use, and power from a financial collection and reporting system. Which is why thousands of users world wide look to the General Ledger module from Samco's Power Accounting suite to fulfill those needs. The result of over 15 years of refinements, the G/L module reflects the features demanded by large organizations, while still being " user friendly ".

Inventory Management - Inventory Control helps you track product usage and costs, and maintain inventory at optimum levels. Having too much cash tied up in slow or non-selling items, or running out of fast-moving items, can have a major impact on your financial success. With Inventory Control you'll have complete information about the value of your inventory, quantities on hand, quantities committed, and the flow of inventory items sold by your business on a constant basis. 

Purchasing  - With Purchasing, the plus is in the hundreds of features not normally associated with a purchasing module. Purchasing allows you to transfer stock in and out of other locations, create A/P vouchers from received inventory, track open to buy scenarios, monitor stock rotations, and handle markdowns. By eliminating the barriers between sales and purchasing, you'll be able to make smart buying decisions based on rock solid information.

 Sales Analysis - Sales Analysis is the ideal management tool for pulling out the real information from your raw data for analyzing sales, product usage and customer purchases. The reports provided will enable you to spot your best customers, best selling items and services, productive sales reps, strong sales regions, the type of customer buying certain items, and more.
Analyzing your product sales and customer purchases will allow you to make informed management decisions and develop sales strategies. You will be able to better manage inventory


Canadian Payroll – Payroll’s transaction codes allows you to customize your payroll beyond the usual hourly and salary transactions. Commission, piece work, tips and bonuses are not a problem with Samco’s Payroll. It tracks complicated benefits packages with pension and health plans, union dues and remittances. Of course, it generates EFT for direct deposit and prints the pay stubs and produces electronic files for ROE’s and T4’s.

Crossroads - CrossRoads is a dispatch, tracking, and billing system designed specifically for the service industry. Integrating seamlessly with the Inventory Control and Accounts Receivable modules, CrossRoads provides the power to draw upon and manage multiple parts warehouses, keep on top of service agreements, monitor customer equipment, tackle service billing, dispatch service personnel, plus a whole lot more. With an ocean of reports available, CrossRoads will turn your service department into a fine-tuned and more profitable machine.

Estimating Plus - Designed for a broad range of business types, Estimating Plus works particularly well for trade or service companies who prepare job estimates on a regular basis. Taking the estimating process a step further Estimating Plus also allows for estimates to be converted into service work orders, the scheduling of installers or service personnel via Scheduler Plus, and ultimately the generating of an invoice via Order Entry.

Global/DX is a multi-faceted enhancement module for Samco's Power Accounting System that provides extensions for:
• EDI Extensive EDI enhancements for handling inbound and outbound documents with most EDI translation packages; supporting a wide range of document types. (Professional Edition only)
• Data Collecting, Importing of data from data collection devices, portable computers, vendor pricing files, and other third party software applications.
• Third Party Application Integration, Exporting of data for sending to remote sales reps, customers (i.e. price lists), and third party application software.
Global/DX Lite is comprised of the data collecting and third party application integration tools only and is upgradeable to the Professional Edition with EDI features.

Job Cost- Track your fixed-fee or cost-plus jobs for labour, material, sub-contractors, profit and five other user-defined categories.  Analyze all jobs by cost categories.  Enter completion estimates for each job and run reports showing comparisons between actual, budgeted and projected costs. Interface Job Cost with Billing, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Inventory and Payroll. Track retainage, both receivable and payable. Attach change orders and sub-jobs to any job.  Do progress billings. Customize job detail with up to 30 user-defined fields. Job Cost helps you bring in your contracts at budget with accurate, up-to-date information.

 MenuPoint - MenuPoint, Samco's TouchScreen solution for Point of Sale, was designed to offer food and beverage service providers a flexible, reliable, and usable solution without being tied to a proprietary hardware or operating system platform. MenuPoint features dozens of "must have's" demanded by today's savvy restauranteur..including the easy splitting of checks / items / tenders, menus by time of day, inventory management, quality (not quantity) reporting, security, a customizable interface, recipes to give to customers, and much more! 

Non-Profit Organization - With Samco's flexible General Ledger account structure and defineable financial statements, disclosure requirements for fund accounting is uncomplicated and trouble-free.

The Statement of Financial Position and Statement of Operations can be generated directly from the Chart of Accounts and modified to suit.

ODBC Toolkit - Get creative with your data using the ODBC Toolkit for Samco's Power Accounting system. Utilizing existing 32-bit ODBC support built into Windows 9x and NT, the ODBC Toolkit makes your data files available to such applications as Crystal Reports, Microsoft Office, MS Query, and GoldMine.
Here are some ideas of just a few of the creative things you can do:
• Pull sales figures into Excel.
• Query your database from a website for e-commerce.
• Produce elaborate, full color reports with Crystal Reports.
• Export data for third-party applications.
• Create exciting, custom letters using your customer data and Microsoft Word.
• Import customers into GoldMine for prospecting.
• Use MS Access to create your own custom application that works with existing Samco data.

Point of Sale - The retail environment is changing. It has never been more competitive or more complex. You know that. You know you must keep abreast of buying trends, market conditions, new products and tough competition. But, most importantly, you need to be aware of what is going on in your business every minute. That means accurate, up-to-date sales, inventory, and accounting information. With Point of Sale, a part of Samco's Power Accounting System, you'll stay up-to-date. Every minute, every day. automatically. It is that simple. What's more, it's backed by a company who has spent over 26 years providing business with automated accounting solutions that work.

 Professional Invoicing - Professional Invoicing provides you with the tools needed to bill and print invoices for professional services. Services provided by your company may consist of both goods and services. When delivering a service, it is important to account for each item and its price in the overall billing. In addition, lengthy descriptions may be needed so that customers fully understand what was received. With Professional Invoicing, you can easily and quickly create quotations and standard bills which can be pasted into invoices, use unlimited notes to describe your service, and create custom designed invoices which best communicate the products and services delivered.

Scheduler - Scheduler is an effective tool for maintaining calendars for people, places, or things. Ideal in workgroup environments or for dispatching, Scheduler will help you keep track of meetings, delivery vehicles, rooms, equipment, maintenance people, etc. 

Time and Attendance –

You are overburdened with time cards, columnar pads, and late nights reconciling payroll time transactions. If this sounds all too familiar, you're in for a real treat. Samco's Time and Attendance, a fully automated time collection system, eliminates the tremendous waste associated with manual employee time collection and processing. What would take hours, if not days, can be handled quickly and accurately in a fraction of the time with Time and Attendance.

Open the door to Vertical Packages:

Automotive & Tire – Samco’s vertical package for the automotive and tire industries provides an in-house solution for small shops or multiple stores. It tracks service history for each vehicle, and tracks vehicles by licence number, trailer number, dealer, VIN number or lease fleet number. The Automotive and Tire Package has excellent, built-in reporting, and an ability to monitor jobs and plan adjustments. 

Floor-It – Samco’s vertical package for the flooring industry provides an estimating function, inventory management, and automatic conversion of estimate to work order to invoice. It is easy to convert from one unit size to another. Automatic charges may be linked to esimating codes; eg. glue and smooth edge for each square foot of carpet. Estimates may be printed in summary or detail form. One button calculation of materials, labour, taxes, automatic charges and gross profit.

Keywords: Accounting, Power Accounting

Other products and services from Samco


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By combining state of the art monitoring technologies, and a regimen of remote and on-site preventative maintenance activities, we are able to not only make sure your network is operating at peak efficiency, but we're able to identify problem areas before they become critical. Samco offers remote management of network equipment and network-based applications. This includes pro-active monitoring of critical servers, routers, and firewalls.


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- Barcode Scanners*- Spectra-physics Metrologic*- Datalogic Scanner/Scales*- Avery Scales*- APG Cash Drawers*- Display Poles*- Ithaca Receipt Printers*- IBM Receipt. Samco can provide you with installation, configuration, remote management and maintenance services for all your hardware and network. The SonicOS operating system, standard on the TZ family of appliances, gives small business users a stable and secure configuration.


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ESamco works directly with your Power Accounting and eliminates the need to duplicate pricing, quantities, special date controlled sale prices, and contract prices. Customers may view their account details and link into invoices and payments for both current and historical transactions. Shopping Cart is built in, and eSamco handles order processing with credit card payments.


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We offer Samco Power Accounting and Business Applications on a Hosted basis by the month, to assist smaller companies who have the requirements for powerful and complex capabilities, but want to avoid the costs of purchasing and maintaining a server. If you have access to high speed internet service, we can provide a very cost effective solution for you.


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The data is encrypted and sent to no less than three of our servers to make certain that if anything should happen to your on-site server or backup devices, you can be up and running within a matter of hours. Your Power Accounting data is safe and secure with our daily off site backup services, including disaster recovery. Should your in house system go down for any reason, we can usually have you back in business within a few hours.


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We offer this service on a variety of servers and operating systems (Windows, Linux, Mac OS X), and can provide synchronization with smart phones (IPhones and Blackberry).