By: Range Servant  09-12-2011
Keywords: Administration Software, Graphical User Interface, Payment System


Solo is the latest payment system for all ball dispensers. Using the most advanced contactless tag technology for trouble free and durable operation. The mutli-language administration software is both simple to use and rich in functionality offering total control over pricing and account information.

The Solo Software

The Solo Software is the graphical user interface used by cashiers for handling customer accounts, topping up Solo Tags and programming the Supervisor Tags. The Solo Software also generates an event log & sales reports.

The Solo Tags

The Solo Tags are MiFare© contactless cards that are used when dispensing balls. The Solo Tags are encrypted with a unique license and locked to your dispenser only!

Keywords: Administration Software, Ball Dispensers, Contactless Tag, Graphical User, Graphical User Interface, Payment System,

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